A fire table is one of the most beautiful additions to both the indoor and outdoor space and it looks like an invitation to gather around. It is a stylish counter piece and there a lot of people who ask about how to DIY a propane fire pit as it allows the user to showcase the skills.

The DIY gas fire pit is a fun build as it entails a variety of skills that are needed to make it including woodworking, masonry, metalwork, and a little mechanical knowledge. A little more advanced tools are required to make the table and this could easily lead to spending some extra money.

Some basic requirements for the project are the basic hand tools with a miter, table saw, and trim gun. All the cuts can be made using a circular saw and then all the panels need to be fastened. It will take a lot longer to get towards the end product and the user needs to drill, use a concrete trowel and large wire cutters or a mixing tub.

DIY gas fire pit
DIY gas fire pit

How to build a fire table?

Some of the basic tools that are required to make the table are-

1. Basic hand tools and the compressor

2. Concrete trowel, drill, miter saw

3. A mixing tub, a table saw, and a trim nail

The materials that are used for building your own propane fire pit are-

1. A burner kit

2. Cedar and a quikrete countertop mix

Can you make your own propane fire pit?

To make the fire table the user has to-

1. The first step is to find a propane burner that runs for about 12 hours. It can run for this duration by using a 20 lb. tank and the fire produced will warm the hands and take the chill off. It produces enough heat to keep the user warm on a cold night in the same way bonfire does.

The propane tank is stored under the table and can be buried with lime and natural gas. The beauty of this project is that it is a table that has a fire pit in the middle. This answers one of the most common questions about the fire table that is “Do propane fire pits give off heat?

Can you make your own propane fire pit
Can you make your own propane fire pit

2. The base is then started to be constructed by cutting the posts from the miter saw to the required length. The bottom edges are tapered and they won’t tear the edges when the table is slid around and it looks good even on uneven ground.

3. The 8 ft and 2*4 three pieces are cut in half and creates 4 footers. The five of the six boards are then ribbed into the required sized boards and then the front, bottom, and all the other parts are cut from the full-sized 2*4s.

The frame sides are then secured from both the top and bottoms and fit using one screw on each side. Drill the holes through the frame sides before installing the screws.

4. The next step is to drill three holes on all the sides of the frames and then laying them flat on the surface. Then the frames should be aligned properly with the posts flush on the top to secure them with a 2 and a half-inch screw. Take note of the wood grain and place all the attractive sides facing outwards.

5. Set up the side frames and place the posts upside down. Line the inside corner of the front and back frames with the inside corner. Secure the screws and drive them into the predrilled holes.

propane fire pit
propane fire pit

6. Cut the bracing angles from 1 or 1 and a half inch and the total length would be 9 inches. The angle should be maintained at 45 degrees and they should be right-angled from the surface.

Check the box and then measure the diagonal distance from the outside corner and measure them. After everything is squared install the brackets with a 2-inch screw on all the sides.

7. Set the table saw and then a beveled edge is created which will help to shed water. Cut the side of the trim boards to the required length except for the front. Apply the construction adhesive and then set the trim boards. Angle the screws properly to the face of the board.

8. Cut both the back and sides to the length and then start by removing the groove side. Apply adhesive all over it and then the two should be placed on top of each other. Dry fit all of these planks before applying adhesive.

9. Cut the door frame from the top and bottom and assemble all the pieces joining them through the predrilled holes. Then predrill a hole on the sides and drill a hole to avoid the nasty tear out. Slide the ball to hold it in place for the retaining plate.

10. Set the door frame into place and then mark both the top and bottom locations of the strike plate. Bore the space out and the frame as a guide and make room for the recess in the strike plate. Adjust the ball until it catches and fastens the gaps through the back of the door panel.

11. Install both the inner and outer shield and then build the required tabletop form with the dimensions and place it on the base.

How long does a 15 lb propane tank last on a fire pit
How long does a 15 lb propane tank last on a fire pit

How long does a 15 lb propane tank last on a fire pit?

One 20-pound propane tank can heat more than a 1,000-foot garage and could last for more than 10 hours. The same amount of heat can be generated using a 15lb propane tank.


Many people ask “Are propane fire pits worth it?” and according to most of the users they are. Though building the table is a tedious task once it is completed it feels worth the effort and time. It is also very budget-friendly and long-lasting.



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