Drywalls are a place to keep the family photos, shelving units, and the other home decoration items which are only a few things that hang on to the drywall. They help in giving a certain look to the home. One of the most important questions is that how much weight can drywall hold.

The average answer to that question is that the drywall would at least be capable of holding 1.2 to 1.6 pounds per square foot. Thicker drywall might be helpful to hold 1.5-2.1 pounds and shear and tension are the two factors that affect the capacity of the drywall. This is just a brief answer to the question and many different variables are to be considered to determine the capacity of drywall.

How much weight can drywall hold without anchors?

How much weight can drywall hold without anchors
How much weight can drywall hold without anchors

How much weight can you hang on drywall without anchors?” is one of the most frequently asked questions in the case of drywall. Moving into a new home is very exciting and people love to decorate it to give it a look.

It can include hanging a newly bought painting or keeping the frames. Without the support of an anchor, drywall can hold about 1.5 pounds of weight per square foot.

To increase the capacity people look for the wall studs which usually come in the form of a wooden block. These increase the holding capacity of the wall up to 100 pounds. There are different ways to hold a weight on the drywall-

1. Using wall studs and the finder

If the things could be hung on a wall wherever the owner wants life would be very easy and this is what is the objective behind using a wall stud. Using a stud finder is the main key to find the wall studs and it depends on the type and size of wood which can range between 16 to 24 inches. If one does not have a stud finder then they also can knock on the drywall to search for the wall stud.

Using wall studs and the finder
Using wall studs and the finder

2. Screws help the wall to hold an additional weight

How much weight can a drywall screw hold?” is another very commonly asked question. Using different types of screws that are large enough to go into the stud helps to increase the capacity of the wall to a large extent. They can increase the capacity of the wall to as much as 100 pounds. The screw should be inscribed up to at least 1 inch into the wall.

If the owner wants to hang a shelf that will keep the weight of the books on it then they need to look for perfect hardware. These come in various sizes and are hung as flat screens. The ceiling joists block also helps to provide support.

3. Using the ceiling joists

Ceiling joists are used to support the ceiling lights and are distanced about 16 inches and require blocks for extra support. The installation blocking gives support to the ceiling and to all the objects that are given a place on the wall.

The maximum weight that these joists can help to support is between 15-20 pounds which do not depend on the type of hardware used. The reason behind this is the gravity which limits the weight the ceiling can hold.

4. Using the anchors

How much weight can 2 drywall anchors hold? This is another common question that is faced by the people who help in hanging things on drywall. An anchor provides the extra support that is needed to hold the weight on the drywall. It is laid against the screw and will state the weight limit that it is made to hold.

For a light picture or frame, one can use the 5 to 20 pounds anchor and for heavier objects, they can go for a larger anchor. They should ensure that the anchor that is used has the capacity that is needed for the object.

The anchors come in many different varieties which increase the weight of drywall. Some of the main varieties of anchors that are used are-

1. Expansion anchors are also called drywall plugs which are not very strong and are cheaply made. They can hold about 5 to 20 pounds and is a large cube display on the wall.

2. The simply threaded anchors can hold about 25-75 pounds which means they are used in the thick walls.

3. The straight plastic anchors come in a cylindrical shape and the screw is put into it through the hollow center. This can be used to hang a shield and the owner needs to understand their requirements and choose the anchor according to them.

5. Winged plastic

Using the anchors
Using the anchors

A lot of people ask “Can drywall hold 10 pounds?” which can be solved by using winged plastic. It is very strong in place and then goes outward in the shape of T and a hole has to be made so that it can be inserted.

A screw goes into the opening and then is reinforced in the wall which is appropriate for hanging the tower bars, the curtain rods, and the holders. A hollow-core door can also be used which increases the capacity to about 10-50 pounds and is appropriate for smoke detectors, chimes, and shelves.

6. Toggle bolts

The toggle bolts are also called the butterfly anchors and are great for holding objects on the wall. The plastic bolts can be used to support 20 pounds and the metal bolts can hold up to 100 pounds.

These can be used to hand a drawer or a floating shelf. They are great for the ceiling weight of up to 15 pounds. It is hard to install them but these increase the holding capacity greatly.

7. The molly bolts

Can you hang heavy things on drywall? The answer to this question is given by the molly bolts which are also known as the sleeve type anchors. These can hold up to 50 pounds of weight and on the ceiling up to 10 ounces. They are difficult to remove and are the best for towel racks and heavy-duty shelving. Tapping a molly takes very little time and is very helpful.

The molly bolts
The molly bolts

8. Hangers and nails

Picture hangers are also used sometimes for additional support on the wall and they come in many sizes. The user needs to understand their needs and then buy the hanger. They can hold up to 20 pounds with the help of a proper nail and a flat-mounted hook can increase the capacity to 50 pounds. The mirror clips can hold the mirrors that come without a frame.

Using all these alternatives answer one of the questions that say “how much weight can drywall support?” These alternatives provide good support to hang the objects on the wall.


Many people realize that they need to hang objects on the wall pretty late and then they think of buying the studs or anchors to support the weight. Using the above-mentioned information the user can understand the support that they need to buy.

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