The popularity of coffee has been constantly increasing and most coffee enthusiasts have a dream of being an owner of Keurig one day. Keurig is one of the most popular coffee machines all over the world and it can prepare delicious coffee merely by pressing a button and people love the taste of it and also the ease with which coffee can be prepared but HOW TO CLEAN KEURIG NEEDLE?. 

Keurig is a legend both in terms of its taste and its performance but sometimes the user might face a few struggles from time to time. The issues can be many like the machine leaking out it is not pouting out the coffee. Even if sometimes, the user might wash and change the entire machine it may not change. The reason behind it may be that the problem is not merely with the machine but maybe in the needle. This article tells about how the Keurig needle may be cleaned in a few simple steps.

What is a Keurig needle?

It might be surprising for the user that there is a needle inside the coffee machine and it makes sense. How the needlework to put out coffee is something that is very intriguing. The Keurig needle works by punching a hole in the pod which is then filled with hot water and this is one of the most common ways to make coffee at home. 

how to clean keurig needle
how to clean keurig needle

In recent times, when everybody is busy throughout the day, people do not have time to roast the beans and then make fresh coffee every morning. Therefore, the Keurig needle plays a very important role for a person who lives a caffeinated life. This makes the presence of a needle in the machine one of the most important features. 

How to clean keurig needle without tool?

Cleaning up the Keurig needle is one of the easiest things to do and people usually don’t think about cleaning it because they have no idea about the same.  The cleaning of the needle can be done by following some easy steps and these are mentioned below-

1. how to unclog keurig needle

The first step is to unplug the Keurig coffee machine since before handling any electrical devices, it is very important. This prevents the risk of an electric shock and after that, the needle is to be unclogged for a better flow of the coffee.

2. Removing the various parts

The second step is to remove the pod holder and the inside funnel. To remove the holder, the user needs to lift the handle of Keurig and then grab the pod holder. To do this the user has to push the holder from underneath and after that, the funnel located inside it needs to be removed.

3. Bring out the toothpick for better keurig needle maintenance

The next step is to use a sharp object may be a toothpick or a sharp paper clip. The user has to clean the exit needle and then flip the pod holder to properly insert the toothpick inside the tube.

After that, the toothpick should be moved all around the inside of the needle for better cleaning of all the inside places. This has to be done for 30 seconds so that all the hidden debris and dirt are removed and any clogs that are present in the needle are removed.

4. Rinse the pod holder and funnel

Now, it is time to rinse the pod holder and funnel by holding them under running water. This is done to ensure that both of them are thoroughly cleansed. After using water, a sponge and dish soap can be used to remove any built-up dirt and grimes. This should be done very carefully to reduce the chances of the user poking himself.

5. Cleaning the entrance needle

After the pieces are cleaned, they should be set aside so as to dry properly, and then the brewer handle should be lifted up and the K cups have to be inserted. The needle is located on the underside of the top half and it should be cleaned very carefully. Since the needle is sharp, there are chances that the user might hurt himself while cleaning the needle. 

For this step, a paperclip or a toothpick can be used as it cleans the entrance needle properly and any grimes and dust from it can be removed without causing any further problems in the working of the Keurig coffee machine.

6. Reassembling all the parts of the machine

This is the last and final step of cleaning the Keuring coffee machine and in this step the assembling takes place. After everything is thoroughly cleaned and dried, the pod holder can be put back together along with the funnel After this the pod holder has to be reinserted into the Keurig coffee machine. After all the necessary parts for the working of the machine are reinserted, two/three brew cycles should be run using only water. This will help to loosen up any of the accumulated dirt and dust that is still left. This is what is referred to as “Keurig 2.0 water under pressure”.

how to clean keurig needle
how to clean keurig needle

What does it mean when your Keurig says needle maintenance?

Sometimes, the user asks a question that why is cleaning the Keurig needle necessary and why can’t it be ignored. It is necessary because the needle has the responsibility of poking a hole into the coffee pod and over time some amount of coffee residue is accumulated in it and the oil also comes up.

These things start collecting and clog the needle which makes it difficult for the user to use the Keurig coffee machine properly again. The needle of the machine sits at a very convenient and comfortable place for all the bacteria and molds to assemble since it is wet, dark and all the coffee crumbles can gather and make the needle damp. This is the reason why maintaining the Keurig needle for the proper functioning of the device is essential.

If the needle is not cleaned frequently, then every time a cup of coffee is made using the machine, some part of the accumulated dust and bacteria goes into the stomach of the user and obviously, nobody wants that.

How often should this be done?

The frequency of cleaning the Keurig needle depends on how frequently the machine is used by the user. If it is used regularly then cleaning the needle once in two/three weeks will be necessary otherwise the integrity of the taste and efficiency of the machine will reduce and the hygiene of the coffee produced by the machine will also degrade.

Most of the users prefer to clean the machine regularly but do not pay attention to the cleaning of the needle. This is because they are not aware that the needle is to be cleaned and its benefits. There are also people who do not have any idea that a needle exists in a coffee machine which is not very shocking as a very small number of people pay attention to the working of any machine internally.

Keurig is reputable because of its premium coffee and it deserves some care and maintenance since it does so much work for the user. Therefore, only spot cleaning won’t work and the user has to maintain it on a regular basis. This should be done so that once the money is invested, long life is provided to the machine as the needle and cleaning pods are given for better use of the device. Now that most people know the steps that should be followed to clean the device they should do it regularly and with care.

how to clean keurig needle
how to clean keurig needle

Tips for maintaining and cleaning the machine

As the user will be in the middle of the cleaning process they can also opt for deeper cleaning of the entire machine. It is also not very tough to do and some of the tips that can be used for a better cleaning are mentioned below-

1. White vinegar or baking soda is one of the best options to descale the device.
2. A large ceramic mug
3. Freshwater

If the user is still not satisfied then they can go for a Keurig descaling solution which is a customized cleaning product made to give a better result.

The steps for deeper cleaning of the device are-

1. Preparing the Keurig coffee machine

Before starting to clean the device it should be unplugged as the user should reduce any chances of getting shocked because of the electrical device. Any water filter or reservoir that is in the machine can also be removed.

2. Fill the reservoir

Add a mixture with a 1:1 ratio of water and vinegar and then 2 spoons of baking soda.

3. Brew

Turn the machine on and start the brewing cycle which will break up all the built dirt and grips in the machine.

4. Rest

At last, let the machine rest.


Keurig coffee machine is a very popular device and in the process of cleaning it keurig water under pressure, reddit, and the steps on  how to clean keurig needle are also mentioned in the article. As the use of the machine is increasing the care and maintenance that is required is also increasing.

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