“There is no away, when we throw anything away, it must go somewhere” – said Annie LeonardLikewise, when you are done with plastic soda bottles, don’t just throw them away. You can use them to create something impressive. How To Decorate A Plastic Water Bottle?

You might be probably thinking they are useless, and what can you make out of plastic bottles?

From bracelets to wall hangings, you can make ample of things!

Surprising isn’t it?

To be honest, you will be more than surprised after reading our DIY collection ideas.

In this read, we have rounded up creative, and fashionable ideas that you would never have imagined. Plus, we have split the list into different categories. Happy reading!


Go green and try these listed eco-friendly projects made up of plastic bottles for your garden.

1. Vertical Hanging Garden

There are plenty of adorable things to make out of plastic bottles, and our favorite one is making vertical bottle planters.It is a great solution to fill the urban spaces with plants. So go and make yours now and grow delicious veggies.

2. Green House

Want to make something good out of used plastic bottles that are useful yet economic?

Then, bring your family together to replace a traditional glasshouse and create a cost-effective, easy to repair, and sturdy greenhouse to grow your own food.

How To Decorate A Plastic Water Bottle?
How To Decorate A Plastic Water Bottle?

3. Bird House

Keep your garden bird-friendly and colorful by creating a birdhouse on a tree, which is the best way of recycling plastic bottles crafts used in urban homes.

Decorate it! Paint it and Viola. How To Decorate A Plastic Water Bottle? Your birdhouse is ready to get hanged on a tree or your balcony. It won’t cost you a dime, so don’t worry about money.

Note: It may take time for birds to visit the birdhouses, so you will have to be a little bit patient here. Plus, the results will be worth it!

4. Bird Feeder

When there is a birdhouse, you will also need to create a bird feeder to attract the little winged beings to your garden for a buffet.

It is among the most followed plastic bottle decoration ideas, which will not only help you to view birds up close but also help you to contribute to nature in some way.

5. Pathway Lining

Converting used plastic bottles into a cute pathway lining is an earth-friendly and affordable plastic bottle decoration idea. So throw colorful plastic bottles and illuminate your home’s way.

6. Garden Sprinklers

Creating a garden sprinkler ain’t that tough. All you have to do is to prick some holes and fit them over the garden hose.

Once you are done, run the tap, let it sprinkle water on the plants, and see them happily grow in your garden.

7. Garden Fence

Keep burglars away by building a horizontal fence with the help of plastic bottles. It is a time-consuming endeavor, so you will need an extra pair of hands to complete this DIY task.

8. Recycled Water Bottle Garden Art

Cut the plastic bottles into spiral shapes and hang them on the trees or your balcony.

9. DIY Drip Irrigator

To make a drip irrigator, get a used plastic bottle, prick two holes in the cap, fill water and hang the bottle above the plants.


Have a look at these easy peasy lemon squeezy creative ideas for old plastic bottles.

1. Weave A Basket From Used Plastic Bottles

How To Decorate A Plastic Water Bottle?
How To Decorate A Plastic Water Bottle?

You can put to use a lot of colorful recycled bottles and weave small cute baskets.

2. Plastic Bottle Flower Wreath

There are many other plastic bottle decoration ideas, and one of them is by turning them into beautiful wreaths for your outfits.

3. Recycled Plastic Bottle Flower Bouquet

Bring a craft to life by turning waste plastic into an elegant looking flower bouquet.

4. Melted Plastic Bottle Jewelry

Check out another artistic plastic bottle crafts adults for the grown-ups!

With some time and creativity, make fashionable jewelry from recycled plastic bottles.

5. Bottle Cap Ladybug

Don’t let plastic bottle caps go to waste! Transform them into colorful ladybugs and stick them to the wall.

6. Plastic Bottle Wind Spinner

This one is for the classic art lovers out there!

Be extra careful while making a wind spinner because this DIY requires a lot of knife cutting.

7. Beautiful Butterflies Made Out Of Colorful Plastic Bottles

Get creative by creating butterflies from colorful plastic bottles. You can make unique shapes and patterns to create them as well.

8. Totem Polee Made From Recycled Plastic Bottles & Milk Jugs

Totem poles are mostly found on the Northwestern coast.  

Explore your creative side and make your own version of big totem poles at home.

9. Ghosts In A Bottle

Get a simple plastic bottle, add some random spooky stuff and hang it in your garden during Halloween.

10. Plastic Bottle Bangles Or Bracelets

Bracelet lovers, where are you at? Cut colorful plastic bottles into round shapes, How To Decorate A Plastic Water Bottle? heat them with an iron to make the edges curvy, color them, and stick beads to them.


Who doesn’t love fireflies? Sadly, they can only be spotted in the wild. But now, you can create multiple fireflies at home by adding wings, legs, eyes, and sticking night glow stickers on the plastic bottles.

12. Earrings Made Up Of Plastic Bottles

Don your new DIY earrings by cutting the colorful plastic bottles into two pieces and sticking beads. 

13. Pretty Plastic Bottle Flowers

Cut the bottom part of the colorful bottles and turn them into adorable flowers, string them together to hang outside in the garden, use these beauties as party decor, or to create curtains.

14. DIY Jewellery Stand

Make a jewelry stand from plastic bottles, which can hold tons of your jewelry.

15. DIY Gift Boxes

Cut the plastic bottles to make super easy and innovative gift boxes that will cost nothing. You can even put some trinkets or potpourri to carry around with you.

16. Apple Shaped Boxes

Create adorable apple-shaped boxes to store your regular stuff.

17. DIY Raft/Float 

You can stick plastic bottles together to make a float or a raft for your pool. If you don’t want to use plastic bottles, then a candle bottle raft will do the job.

How To Decorate A Plastic Water Bottle?
How To Decorate A Plastic Water Bottle?


Check out these toy-replacing DIY ideas for your kids.

1. Miniature Swing Sets For Dolls

Use the leftover bottle caps and create mini swings for your kid’s dolls.

2. Plastic Bottle Crown

Does your little princess love to play dress up games?

Then craft a crown made up of plastic bottles. Cut the parts carefully and add diamonds to complete the look.

3. Recycled Packaging Robot

Make a robot of your kid’s size, which is made out of big plastic bottles.

4. Shark Plastic Bottle Game

Keep yourself and your kid entertained after transforming an old plastic bottle into a wide-mouth shark. How To Decorate A Plastic Water Bottle? Moreover, you can also attach a string and tie and fish to its end.

5. Piggy Bank

Make adorable animal banks from any old plastic bottles and let your kids save their money. You can also stick beads, ears, and feet cutouts to the bottle.

This DIY idea will surely make your kid save money from a very young age.

6. Plastic Bottle Minion Craft

If your kid is a minion lover, then create a minion figure from a big plastic bottle.

7. I Spy Rainbow Bottle

Take an empty bottle, fill it with buttons, charms, and other cute objects. Then, add colorful rainbow rice to create an I Spy game.

8. Stick Horse Made From 2 LITER BOTTLE

Giddy up, fellas! Make a cute pony out of a 2-liter bottle, then add a huge stick to it. Your kids will go crazy and won’t get tired of running with their new toy.

9. Rainbow Bubble Snakes

Keep your little ones busy for hours by creating blowing giant bubbles with the help of a plastic bottle. How To Decorate A Plastic Water Bottle?

How To Decorate A Plastic Water Bottle?
How To Decorate A Plastic Water Bottle?

10. Plastic Bottle Penguins

You cannot keep penguins as our pets, but that must not stop you from making a penguin made up of a recycled plastic bottle. 

11. Fishes Made From Plastic Bottles

Create fishes of various species and help your kid in learning about them.

12. Kids Bowling Pins

This one is the easiest DIY game! Collect ten used plastic bottles of the same sizes and turn your living area into a bowling alley.

13. Tumbling Plastic Bottle Cap Game

Get a large bottle, collect 10 to 20 bottle caps, and give the Tumblin Monkeys your own version.

14. Funky Costumes

It might sound odd to create a dress out of bottles, but it is a great idea to reuse the plastic bottles.

You can stick flowers, beads, our other decorative stuff to the funky bottle costume as well.

15. Rocket Fueled Jet Pack

Create an artificial jet pack for your kids with mimicking flames attached below.

16. Plastic Milk Bottle Animals

Just like fishes, you can create different cute animals to make your kids know more about the wildlife.


Go through these low-cost house decoration ideas below:

1. Plastic Bottle Lava Lamps

Fill the recycled plastic bottle with some assorted ingredients and turn it into a lava lamp.

2. Lamp Shades

There are various cool things to do with plastic bottles, and one of them is making a simple lampshade.

You can stretch your imagination and paint or embellish it with several decorative items.

3. Jellyfish In A Transparent Plastic Bottle

Are you an aquatic life lover?

Then put an artificial jellyfish in the plastic bottle and get surprised with the final look.

4. Crafting Chimes And Decorative Wall Pieces

Planning to make wall pieces and other crafty things made from plastic bottles for your new home? Then, use colorful plastic bottles to make various designer wall hangings, chimes and add stars or bells to them. How To Decorate A Plastic Water Bottle?

5. Eco-Friendly Plastic Ottomans

Turn the used plastic bottles into something really unexpected, and that is Eco-friendly ottomans. How To Decorate A Plastic Water Bottle? Nobody would have guessed that they could create a custom ottoman just with used plastic bottles.

6. Fishtank Created From A Plastic Bottle

Re-use the bottom of a big plastic bottle, pour water, add some pebbles and vegetation, and build a small home for a single or two fishes.

7. Quirky Recycled Owl Vases

Other creative uses for plastic bottles are to turn them into attractive owl vases to store flowers, toothbrushes, and anything that you can think of in your house.

How To Decorate A Plastic Water Bottle?
How To Decorate A Plastic Water Bottle?

8. Glow In The Dark Bedtime Bottle

Add water, throw some glowing stars and sparkles and make a beautiful glow-in-the-dark nightlight for your bedroom.

9. Sea In A Plastic Bottle

Just like a glow-in-the-dark nightlight, you can pour blue water, put sand, colorful pebbles, fake plants, and fishes to make an artificial-looking sea in the plastic bottle.


Check out these low-cost functional ideas for your daily kitchen use below:

1. Mouse Trap

Want to get rid of annoying mouses in your kitchen?

Then, create functional, easy to bait, and easy to release mouse traps for mouse and other small animals.

2. Monster Candy Jars

Store candies or other food items in the storage jars made out of plastic.

3. Plates and Spoon Stand

A horizontal and lightweight utensil holder is one of the creative ways to reuse plastic water bottles. You can make plenty of these to save space.

4. Decorative Bowls

Transform the bottom part of the plastic bottles into a beautiful and decorative candy or snack bowls for your kitchen. 

5. DIY Kitchen Storage Containers

Let the repurposed storage containers with lids take up the space of your kitchen, where you can store pickles, spices, and other food items.


Here are the best craft ideas to store your stationery items:

1. Pen And Stationery Holder

An easy way to reuse old plastic bottles is by turning them into any cartoon or your favorite character fun pencil holders. It will not only look cool but keep your desk organized.

2. Soda Bottles Desk Organizer

Have fun after turning the plastic bottles into a five-piece desk organizer where you can store several things, from artificial flowers to other stationery stuff.

3. Zipper Cases

Create an awesome and decorative no-sew zipper case after gluing a zipper to the recycled water bottle

DIY plastic bottle ideas for cleaning

Check-out some cool plastic bottle hacks made for doing house chores below:

1. DIY Plastic Bottle Broom

Create a sturdy broom with hairy plastic ends to clean your backyards and garden.

2. Super-Efficient Garbage Cans

Turn plastic garbage into a funky garbage can with any size of bottles you like.

3. Waterproof Slippers

Make eccentric or funky plastic sandals from old plastic bottles while cleaning spaces where you don’t wish to wear your ordinary slippers.


How To Decorate A Plastic Water Bottle?
How To Decorate A Plastic Water Bottle?

Amazing ways to reuse plastic bottles for daily use of gadgets are listed below:

1. DIY Easy speakers

Want to amplify your songs without the help of speakers?

You can double up the sounds of the speakers by cutting the top part of the plastic bottle.

2. DIY Mobile Charger Basket

Instead of tossing away the plastic bottles, why not create a decorated mobile phone holder when your phone is charging?

Believe us, you will be surprised by the results of this plastic bottle DIY.


Easy DIY for pets that require less hard work and materials are mentioned below:

1. DIY Plastic Bottle Pet Feeder

Do you have a pet? Then, recycle the plastic bottle and turn it into a pet feeder for your furry mate.

2. Pet Bottle Funnel

Running out of recycling plastic bottles crafts ideas for your pets?

Don’t worry, we will assist you here as well!

Pet bottle funnel is the easiest, simplest, and effective DIY to make the best use of a plastic bottle.

Beautify the look of your DIY objects with these materials!

  • Cover the container with patterned cloth.
  • Use acrylic colors or enamel paint to paint the plastic.
  • Stick the patterned sticky tape to line the plastic bottle.
  • Use colorful card paper or craft paper and stick it to the container with a strong adhesive.
  • For simple bottle decoration, use duct tape.
  • Tie ribbons wherever needed.

Wondering, “how to decorate a plastic container, and what materials should you use?

Well, there are several ways to convert your oh-so-boring plastic bottle into jaw-dropping art. Some magical ingredients will make your project more creative.

Before beginning your DIY project, here are few materials that will help you to decorate your plastic bottles:

So that’s all needed for decorating your plastic bottles and turning them into something fabulous.

Now, you must be wondering, “how to cut plastic bottles in perfect shape?” Well, cutting bottles is a very concentrating task. If you don’t do it properly, then it might ruin the bottle.

There are several tools used to cut a plastic bottle like:

  • Knives
  • Scissors
  • Blades


Make sure to mark the portion with a pencil, marker, or a sketch pen before cutting the bottle. In the end, apply a hot iron to smoothen the cuts.

Wrapping Up

Who would have thought that we can make so many things out of plastic garbage? We know that it is hard to believe that these beautiful artworks are made from plastic bottles. Did you like any of the above ideas? If you did, then collect the materials and get to work on these projects now and contribute to saving the environment. Do not forget to share this plastic bottle DIY article with your dear ones.


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