One of the basic principles of removing paint from the textiles is to remove it as fast as possible. As many people frequently raise the question of HOW TO GET LATEX PAINT OUT OF CLOTHES? one of the most common answers is to treat the stains as early as possible before they get dried up in the place.

The stains that get dried up are very hard to tackle and remove and sometimes it becomes impossible to get rid of the dried stains. Another very common thing is to choose the method which is the least aggressive as the caustic cleaning agents which are the go-to option of most of the users can cause the paint to get off but can also remove the dye from the fabric.

This leads to the cloth getting completely spoilt and renders it useless. Additionally, these caustic agents may save up time but are very hazardous to the environment and are not pocket-friendly. After these basic points, there are some ways to get rid of the latex paint from the clothes which are discussed further in the article.

How To Remove Latex Paint From Clothes?

For the first method-

1. Blot up and scrape off all the excess paint from the cloth to understand the way the paint is to be treated.

2. Rinse the spot on which the latex paint on clothes is present in running water. This would lead to all the excess paint flush out.

3. Treta the spot with dishwashing liquid and warm water and then apply the mixture that is made with a sponge or cotton on the spot and scrub it.

4. The spot can also be pre-treated with the commercial stain remover and then the garment can be washed normally.

If this method does not work, then it becomes important to assess the depth of the damage caused to the textile. If aggressive cleaning methods are used then it may make the stain worse than what it already is and if the risk of damage to the fabric is affordable the user may try one of the aggressive methods. To assess the damages, the user may first test this on an inconspicuous area of the garment.


For this method-

1. If the mild detergent solution does not solve the problem the user may have to apply a few drops of rubbing alcohol via a damp cloth and remove the paint residue.

2. If even after rubbing alcohol, some of the paint is left the user can substitute the damp cloth with a toothbrush and scrape the paint a little harder.

3. If the problem is still not resolved then, the stain removers in case of heavy-duty commercial paint have to be used. Read the directions of such products carefully before using them and the strong solvents may undermine the acidity of such products and it may lead to a change of tint of the brightly colored fabrics.

How To Get Liquid Latex Out Of Clothing?

Getting latex paint on the clothing is a very frustrating problem and if it is brushed up against the fabric it may get removed, There are several different ways to deal with the problem, and some of the most common ways to do so are-

1. Rubbing Alcohol

The fabric can be cleaned by damping a cloth in warm water and then pouring some amount of alcohol on the stain. Isopropyl alcohol is the most useful for doing such things and a liberal amount of alcohol should be poured over the stain. Once the fabric has been thoroughly doused with alcohol, it can be rubbed against itself and if the fabric is not delicate, it can withstand some vigorous scrubbing.

2. Dish Detergent

The stained part can be kept under warm water and then some liquid detergent should be poured over the clothing. The textile should be rubbed with an inseam and it should maintain the color of the fabric. The dishwashing detergents are made to break up the oils and they can dissolve the latex paint. The cloth can be scrubbed with a brush and a lather can be formed with the help of a sponge.

3. Removing Small Stains

The cloth can be laid on a flat surface and then doused with hairspray and then leave it for some time. After this scrub, the stain with the help of a fabric brush and then run it through a dryer. Some amount of hand sanitizer can be squirted on the stain and then scrubbed with the toothbrush and it is a quick and efficient way to address the paint.

4. Special Cleaning Products

Some specialized products like “goo-gone” or “goof off” are made to get rid of the sticky materials and they should be used only in a well-ventilated area. The especially cleaning product can be soaked in the stain for two minutes and then scrubbed with the help of pumice stone and then rinsed off and laundered.

Alcohol can be rubbed with the help of cotton balls and then soaked to rub off a small stain. To remove the smell of such strong agents, one can use lavender oil to get rid of the small latex stains. Approximately five to seven drops of the oil can be used.

5. Scraping The Dry Paint

Any excess paint can be scraped with the help of knives on delicate fibers of the types of denim and thicker fabrics. The cloth should be kept on a sturdy surface and then apply pressure in the blobs of latex paint.

How To Get Latex Paint Out Of Jeans?

A painting session can ruin the clothes to a large extent and if most of the time the user is lucky they can get rid of the paint and then the blotch can be treated effectively. No known treatment ensures the success of solving the issue but some ways may help in dealing with the stains on the jeans. These are mentioned below-

1. Removing Water-Based Paint

The user can add warm water to the paint as it makes it soluble it and it can also be pressed against the stain. This will let the water soak onto the jeans fabric. Once the water soaks in the user can look into the stained area and then laundry detergent can be added to form a solution. The stain can then be rubbed with a cloth in a circular motion. A light detergent solution can work better for the removal of the paint. The toothbrush can affect the abrasiveness and the precision needed to fix the stain.

How To Get Dried Latex Paint Out Of Clothes?

To get the dried paint out of the clothes the user needs to saturate it with the help of a mixture. The mixture might be made of warm water and detergent and then it is rubbed on the cloth with a rag or a paper towel. Rinse and repeat the process until the paint is completely gone.


This issue is very common and faced by a lot of people as they are involved in painting in their day-to-day lives. The users should first understand the risk of damaging the cloth along with removing the paint.



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