All about Heat Pumps that you need to know right now so that you can install them right away.

Here we are back with just another interesting Do IT Yourself (DIY) tech topic on Heat Pump Installation.

If you have reached here and reading this article to get some amazing tips and techniques on how to reduce your mental pain and physical labor while taking care of your home in winters and summers, congratulate yourself, as you are at the right place and at the right time.

Let us share all about how to install a Heat Pump without any external help.

Word Of Caution!

Do it yourself only when you have done some more DIY’s in the past, and you have Experienced in HVAC systems, else hire someone for not falling in any trouble.

Just know that Heat pump installation is not an easy task as it is an HVAC device.

But, if you like working on your own while saving a lot of money on the installation services, you are at the right place to know how it is done.

Let us share some basic Heat pump connections to help you understand it overall before we get into more details:

How to Install a Heat Pump Yourself

In the above diagram, As you can see that the water (coolant) is regulated from the heat pump, in such a way that it controls the room temperature via various devices and methods are employed here like Floor Heating, Vertical Fan Coil, High Wall Fan Coil, etc.

After looking at the generic connections and How to wire a heat pump, by now, you must have understood that a Heat Pump can neither increase nor decrease the temperature.

It is not a cooler or heater, rather it uses electricity to pump the heat from a cool area to a warm area.

By employing a heat pump, you can expect cool space cooler in summers and warm areas warmer in winters.

Heat pumps are energy efficient and very inexpensive solutions to replace boilers and furnaces which can make big holes in your pockets, hence a better solution by far.

So, Installing a heat pump in an existing home is the solution for you to make your home a better place to live.

Now let us share some quick pro tips about Installing a new heat pump if you already had an old and dead heat pump installed on your premises.


Here is a step by step guide to How to replace a heat pump: (Only do it when you are quite sure about how to deal with HVAC devices, or hire help.)

Step 1: Disconnect the old indoor unit > Turn of the breaker and disassemble the indoor unit.
Step 2: Disconnect the old outdoor unit > Cut the high-pressure and suction line, disconnect the power, and cut the thermostat wires.
Step 3: Move the new outdoor unit into place and lay the new pan.
Step 4: Flush the coolant lines before connecting to the new system, as the new system might use a different coolant.
Step 5: Connect Thermostat wiring according to the schematics which came with it.
Step 6: Connect the power
Step 7: Install Filter Dryer and Braze High-Pressure Line.
Step 8: Braze Suction Line
Step 9: Size and fit new indoor units (they might be bigger than the old ones.)
Step 10: Install a new indoor unit.
Step 11: Braze High-Pressure and Suction Lines
Step 12: Evacuate the coolant lines with the help of a vacuum pump for around 15 mins, when the pressure reaches -30 psi on the suction lines, let the gauge sit for some time, now charge the line set with freon according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.
Step 13: Connect the drain and install the emergency shut-off mechanism on the pan.
Step 14: Connect the power and switch it on.
Step 15: Lastly you can use Insulate and cover suction line and joints to make the system fail-proof and complete.

Now you know How to install a heat pump and air handler while replacing the old heat pump from your home.

More DIY Heat Pump Installation:

Step 1: Install a condenser outside your home, 4’ away from the wall with 20’ of clear air on all remaining 4 sides, excluding floor and wall facing side.
Step 2: Install air handler within a range of 30 feet of the condenser, at least 2′ below the ceiling and nowhere near the TV. Conceal all the wires, cords, pipes.
Step 3: Make final connections of wires and coolant pipes as per the manual provided by the manufacturer and turn the power on.

Just remember to keep the fire extinguisher handy while working on it as it is an HVAC device you would like to work on.

Also, please check if there is a license or permit which is needed to work on an HVAC device like this in your region or local municipal.

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All the steps shared in this article are general and for specifics of the fitment steps, please refer Heat pump installation guide or Heat pump installation instructions as provided by the manufacturer for the specific device which you are planning to install.

We are sure this piece will make you independent on this subject area after you completely read this writeup, so stay tuned and read through: How to hook up a heat pump?


Let us discuss further heat pump package units that are used in the areas where temperate does not fall below the freezing point.

It contains both – heat pump and air handler, and the air is passed through the headed coils or old heat pump technology for cooling the place.

And now if you are thinking “How to install a heat pump package unit” it is simple to answer, follow the above-shared steps and you can do the magic by yourself.

By learning all about how to do what, you must be the thinking that “Can I install a heat pump myself”

Yes, why not?

How to Install a Heat Pump Yourself
How to Install a Heat Pump Yourself

Just remember It is an HVAC device and it needs certain expertise. If you are already a certified HVAC expert, just go ahead, if not, tread carefully while working on the For Do it yourself heat pump project, read the whole manual here.

How To Install A Heat Pump Split System?

It is provided by the manufacturer, and take help from an expert.

Let us share the step for “Mini-split heat pump installation”:

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But first, choose the type which is most appropriate as per your needs. Single-Zone ductless mini-splits – used for one room, Double Zone ductless mini-splits – used for 2 rooms, with 2 air handlers and 1 condenser unit, multi-zone ductless mini-splits – used for multi rooms, with multi air handlers and 1 condenser unit.

All these system installations need professionals as refrigerant lines need to be cut and charged. So it is advisable to decide on what you want and looks for professional help.
Step 1: Choose the right Mini Split from above.

Step 2: Install the indoor unit on a large wall.
Step 3: Install the outdoor unit with the help of hanging brackets, connect the pipes and tubing from your indoor unit to the outside unit, and secure them with covers and packings.
Step 4: Seek professional help for handling dangerous dry nitrogen and refrigerant, and to complete the Job.

How To Wire A Heat Pump Air Handler?

Below is the wiring diagram to show you how it can be done easily by following the color coding of wires.

If you find different color wires, follow the instruction manual present with the device in the box.

How to Install a Heat Pump Yourself
How to Install a Heat Pump Yourself


Heat Pump installation is not at all an easy task. With the right tools and following the careful steps from above, a homeowner like you can successfully attempt to complete the task at hand without a pro.


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