Would you like to wow your friends and family with cool pool lighting during the next summer BBQ party? Pool Lights

Then, install underwater swimming pool lights now! Trust us, it will do a lot of wonders.It will change your pool to modern art from an average pool. It will not only be luxurious but also change your lifestyle completely.

Aside from parties, you can also release your stress by swimming in the pool for a few hours. 

But before stepping out of your house to buy underwater pool lights, we have something to tell you. 

Here we have shared how to install pool lights and niches, where do you put pool lights, and much more.

We have also talked about some popular inground as well as about pool lights. 

So have a look at this article and decide what kind of light is fit your pool and your mood.

How to install a pool light in an inground pool?

Are you wondering, “Can you add lights to an inground pool?” 

Yes, you can! 

With our simple steps, you can install the light in the pool easily.

 For that, there is no need to drain out the water of the pool or no need for a major pool renovation. Read the steps below to find out how it is done.

Step 1 – Choose a Light

How To Install Inground Pool Lights
How To Install Inground Pool Lights

When you are picking a light, then it is very essential to consider project time. Then think about what parts you want to replace such batteries.

Also, consider the amount of electrical work and the size of your pool. If you don’t want to drill holes and avoid draining, then you should choose a suction mounted light.

Are you looking for the best solution? Then, use a battery-operated light, which will help you to install the lights fast and easily. Now, let’s move to the next step.

Step 2 – Assemble Light

How To Install Inground Pool Lights
How To Install Inground Pool Lights

Once you pick the light, assemble it as per the manufacturer’s specifications. Now, see whether the seals of light are tight or else water will seep in easily. You can also check it by submerging the light in shallow water.

Step 3 – Set up Power Supply

Those who are opting for a battery operating light can skip this step. 

Firstly, you will have to set up a power source for a corded light. If you have a GCFI outlet near your swimming pool, then your work is half done.

Now, mount the light transformer to the wall next to the GCFI outlet. Then, plug in the light. Once, all the setup is complete, move on towards the next step.

How To Install Inground Pool Lights
How To Install Inground Pool Lights

Suppose, you don’t have an outlet, then you will have to install a waterproof junction box on the power line. So, switch off the power supply at the circuit breaker. Then, find the power line to the pool filter or pump. 

Once you locate the line, cut the wire cutters. To remove the sheath, expose the wire with the help of the stripper. Now, read the manufacturer’s specifications and install the junction box according to the instructions. 

If you wish, then you can mount the junction box on a filter mount, the pump, or on a wall. Once everything is done neatly, tie the light into the junction box. Safety comes first, so we would suggest you re-check the fittings. Ensure that the seals are watertight.

Step 4 – Install Light

In the fourth step, mount the light on the pool wall as per the manufacturer’s instructions. This must be done before installing the light test.

For those who are using corded light or have a hard wall pool, we recommend you to remove the edging over the area where. It should be done where you are installing the light. 

Then, replace the edging after running the cord over the edge of the swimming pool. Those who have a soft wall pool and using a corded light should anchor the cord to the pool railing.

With these four easy steps, you can easily install a light in your underwater swimming pool. And then, have fun at your pool at night and enjoy the view of your underwater pool lights.

How to install a nicheless pool light?

Some people always ask, “What is a niche?”

How To Install Inground Pool Lights
How To Install Inground Pool Lights

 Well, it is just a hole or a bucket, or you can also say a coffee-shaped can in the walls of the pool. Sometimes, it is made of stainless steel, and sometimes it is made of plastic.

While installing a niche, you should keep many things in your mind. There should be enough cord wrapped around the pool light and the niche. If there is enough cord, then it will easily extend the light upon the deck.

The installation of the wall bucket should be done before the lights. And the hole should be dug when the pool is dug, and the walls are erected. When installing a pool light niche, make sure to dig the holes in the deep center of the wall of the pool.

If you are new to this, then you can take help from your friend while mounting the niche light. All you have to do is push through the pool wall from the inside out and then seal it against the wall after tightening the lock ring.

If you are finding any difficulty while installing it, then you can contact a professional and let him do his work.

Types Of Pool Lights

Want to make your swimming pool more attractive? Want to add dramatic dimensions to your pool, and surrounding area as well? 

keep ready to find out creative yet colorful lights to use for your swimming pool.

1. Halogen Pool Light

Did you know that Halogen pool light has a longer lifespan? It uses 20 percent less energy when you light it. Are you curious to know how it operates even at a higher temperature?

How To Install Inground Pool Lights
How To Install Inground Pool Lights

Well, the secret is the halogen gas! 

The bulb on the pool won’t die even if it is lit for an entire day. So this is why people consider this as the best option for pool lighting.

And guess what? 

This bulb is cheaper than LED lights. Although it has a short lifespan, it is a go-to product for those who are looking for cheaper pool lights.

2. LED Lighting For Swimming Pools

Our words will fall short to praise how good LED light is for a pool. Looking for an in-ground pool or an above-ground pool light? Well, an LED light can be used wherever you want! Moreover, these underwater pool lights are environment-friendly.

It will use less energy and won’t impact your electricity bills either. And if you have a creative mind like us, then you can get these lights in different colors. 

So go and be as creative as you want. Turn your pool into a fun spot and throw a night party.

3. Fiber Optic Pool Light

Fiber optic caught the attention of the pool owners in the early twenties. To be honest, it is not a much-hyped product, but it deserves to be on this list. These lights come in two components: the fiber optic cable and the illuminator, which performs the central control. 

Place these underwater pool lights within the parameters of the pool and see how it beautifies your pool. You can be a lot more creative by using your DIY ideas. 

If you are familiar with these lights, then you might probably know that some lights come with a color wheel.

We know that it is no longer in demand after the rise of LED technology, but you can still find fiber optic pool light replacement in the market.

Pool Lights For Above Ground Swimming Pools

Many people ask if it is possible to find pool lights for above ground pools. Some even ask, “Can I light up the swimming pool and the area around it with the same pool light?” Well, our answer to both the questions is yes!

How To Install Inground Pool Lights
How To Install Inground Pool Lights

There are various creative options for you, so you can choose any kind of brightness, shape, colors, and frequency of lights. When the summer season approaches, you can get these lights and turn your pool area into an entertainment zone.

Seriously, it is a blessing in disguise! Moreover, you have the liberty to purchase any type of above ground pool lights. Let’s take an in-depth look at what kind of options you have.

1. Pool Garden Lighting

Plain boring white lights are for boring lads, and colorful funky ones are for creative souls. You can use these lights in the landscapes around the pool. And if you strategically place them, then it will turn your swimming pool into an oasis.

2. LED Flood Lighting

Make way for the LED floodlight. These lights have the magic to turn the area around your swimming pool into a fantasyland. You can get the lights and other supplies and light up the large areas. These lights are not only energy-efficient but also inexpensive.

3. Feature Lighting

Who would want to go to a waterpark when you can turn your pool area into one? Plus, it won’t be heavy on your pocket too! 

As we all know, feature lighting is used to highlight accents outside or inside of the pools. You can buy colorful lights and animate your pool and area around as per your needs. You can also create a fake waterfall and highlight it with light.

After reading about these six popular types of swimming pool lights, we hope it has helped you to know more about them. We are also sure that now you will make the right decision to get lights for your pool. Now, let’s check out the next sub-topic.

Pool light replacement cost

Many people are worried whether the LED or fiber optic pool light replacement will charge a lot?

 Well, it depends on two things – the brand and type of light. If you want your lights to last longer, then you should go for reputed brands only. 

People have been using halogen lights for decades now. Besides, LED lights are sort of a new thing. So the cost of the halogen lights starts at 180 dollars, while the charges of LED lights begin at 270 dollars. 

Apart from this, incandescent pool lights are roughly $450 to $650, and fiber optic pool lights are typically in the range of $1,300 to $1,700 installed. If you use any of these installation lights, the entire replacement will cost you more than 1,000 dollars.


We wish you the best of luck to find the right light for your pool. We also hope our article helps you with your work. Did this read peaked your interest to beautify your swimming pool? If it did, then please visit our website again. 

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