When it comes to choosing a material for the countertops, most of the users prefer laminate as it is inexpensive and comes in a large variety of colors and patterns which gives the user the freedom to choose from the existing options. Installing solid surface countertops made up of granite or stone is a little tough but laminate countertops can also be done as a DIY project. HOW TO INSTALL LAMINATE COUNTERTOP TO BASE CABINETS?

The article below guides the users to understand the steps that should be followed to install laminate countertops. The initial requirement is to level the cabinets and removing the old countertop along with the sink. It helps in giving the answer to one of the most popular questions asked: “How do you install laminate island countertops?”.

Are Laminate Countertops Easy To Install?

One of the major questions that the people who are looking to install countertops ask is whether it is easy to install the laminate countertops and what are the different ways to install these countertops at home. The various ways are to build a countertop right from the scratch or else buying a pre-manufactured countertop popularly referred to as a post-form countertop.

Post-top countertops are made in a standard-size and come with a backsplash that is already integrated. The integrated backsplash is a major reason why people prefer buying post-top countertops as backsplash edge of cabinet or countertop is a very important part of the countertops. The users who do not have a lot of knowledge about the same do not pay the appropriate amount of attention to the backsplash edges. One of the easiest ways to install is to install a post form countertop.


Creating The Entire Countertop At Home

While trying to install the laminate countertops, it is also possible to make the entire countertop at home with the help of stable substrate, contact adhesive, and sheet laminate. The general steps to be followed are-

1. Creating a template with strips of luan and laying them across the cabinets for an approximate idea of the perimeter of the countertop. Another question that a lot of users ask is how to cut a laminate counter which is not a concern in this case as the strips can be cut and glued together easily.

2. Then the sheets have to be transferred and traced.

3. They are further glued together around the bottom shape along with considering the edge.

4. Across the seam, a strip is run across and then down across the center of the cutout.

5. A strip of laminate is then applied to the front and side of the cutout. After sticking all the strips, they have to be trimmed using the trimmer according to the size of the countertop, and then the process is repeated to screw the backsplash in place.

Therefore, it is not easy to diy a metal countertop but in the case of a laminate countertop, it can be done with the help of few tools at home easily.

How To Measure Countertops For Replacement?

Whether it is while installing or replacing the countertops the first step is to measure the entire space.

1. Initially, start by measuring the layout of the cabinets that are located on the top.

2. After measuring the countertop, including the overhang of the counter from the front of the face to the open ends.

3. Run the flush with the cabinet wherever it touches any other appliance or leans against it.

4.  The post-form countertops have a lip in the front part to make them appear thicker and it will make a difference to the face of the frame.

5. This can be done by adding more strips to the bottom of the countertop or adding them to the top of the cabinets.

6. After that run a strip of plywood along the back of the cabinets to the same thickness for the lip at the front.

Turning Off The Water Supply

Before installing the countertop the user is required to turn off the electricity and water supply to break the circuit. Any damage that can happen because of the plumbing or electricity can be avoided by doing this therefore the water supply should be cut off. The garbage disposal and sink should be removed and the electric cooktop may also need to be removed.

Removing The Backsplash

 Before the user stick on counter tops, they have to cut the caulking between the backsplash and wall, and then the panel has to be removed. Any tile that is placed in the backsplash area should also be removed for safety purposes.


Sliding The Old Countertops Out

Sometimes the user plans of installing granite countertops on existing cabinets and for that to be done is important to unscrew the countertop from the cabinets and make sure that the dishwasher is not connected to the countertop. The countertop should be slide out if it is movable so that it becomes easy to install the countertops or cover them with another material.

Try to remove the entire part of the countertop in a single plane so that the process takes up less time and is efficient.

Fit The New Countertop Dry

The new countertop is confirmed as it should fit in the place through dry-fitting and slid. Another thing that should be checked is that it should fit snugly and comfortably all along the walls and meets all the edges. This process answers another question raised by a lot of people who plan to install a countertop on their own that says “how to cut laminate countertop for sink”.

If any overhang is present it should be considered that the support brackets are put to support the countertop and get it all on a level. Whenever a user asks “How do you support laminate countertops?”, then this is the solution to solve the problem.

Measuring And Cutting The Backsplash

The length of the backsplash pieces should be measured and then using the circular saw, the pieces should be cut to the proper required size. A painter’s tape should be applied all over the cut line to make sure that the line remains clear and even.

Attaching The Countertop To The Cabinet

Once the user has checked the fitting and placement of the countertops, the final installation of the tops can be fixed to the base cabinets. This process is the joining laminate countertop seams and it gives a proper distance between the countertops and cabinets and does not even leave any unrequired gaps between them.

The countertops should be fixed in the desired place with the help of screws which are almost 1.4 inches long. Though before driving the screws in the size of the screws should be double-checked as HOW TO INSTALL LAMINATE COUNTERTOP TO BASE CABINETS? they should not come out from the top. The screws should run from the inside from the cabinet to the top.


Installation Of The Sink

Lay the sink template on the top of the counter and then tape it in the desired place. Any centerlines that are required to be followed should be aligned with the template according to the requirement of the user below the window.

After that, a hole should be drilled on each corner of the sink template which is of approximately 1-inch depth, and then removes the template and run the painters between the holes. A line should be drawn on the painter’s tape which is connecting the holes using a straight edge and then the rest can be cut using a jigsaw.

The sides can be cut first and then a scrap piece can be run which is 2 times the area of the sink and then this cutout can be attached with the help of a screw throughout the middle. This piece is helpful in securing the cutout as the cut is finished.

The process is then finished by following the line throughout the front and back of the sink and remove the cutout and then install the sink as per the recommendations of the manufacturer. This process should be repeated for the stovetop if it is applicable and once it is installed then should be reinstalled the garbage disposable and the drain lines. The water supply can then be turned back on and the electricity can be switched on.

Adding The Backsplash

After this, the next step is to attach the backsplash which is laminated, and then the construction adhesive should be applied all along the back of the backsplash. After that, apply a bead of silicone all along the edge of the wall and counter and then set the position of the backsplash.


If it is necessary, use the temporary braces from the scrap pieces of the backsplash and then hold them in place until the entire adhesive cures. Any ceramic tile or the remaining backsplash that was removed during the start of the process.

Enjoy The Fresh Countertop

In recent times, prefab granite countertops home depot have seen a decline in popularity as a lot of people are switching to laminate countertops. Installing laminate countertops is a very stylish way to update the kitchen, bathroom, and room countertops along with being cost-effective. Once the lamination counter has been installed then the newly updated kitchen or room can be enjoyed.


Learning to install the laminate countertops is a very straightforward process that can fully transform the design of the kitchen and its functionality. It can be done very easily with the right supplies and with the instructions that are given step by step.

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