“The oldest form of theatre is a dinner table.”

This is literally the era of creating best out of waste. Having an idea and bringing it to life by working upon it.

And let’s admit it, we don’t always find everything according to our taste or imagination in the market.

Like centre tables or dining tables.

So, should we quit looking for our desired design? Definitely not!

There is something else that you can do to give voice to your vision and that something is called DIY.

We are about to each you how to make a dining room table at home and you must bring your notepad to write all the details because this is something you won’t find everywhere specially when you need such details.

So, let’s build the table of your dreams together.

DIYing Lifestyle

“If you want a thing done well, Do It Yourself!”

There are so many things that you need to understand before you make your tables.

Let’s begin with answering some important building your own kitchen table or any kind of table related questions first and then we shall move towards the easy diy dining table ideas.

How much does it cost to build a dining table?

It depends upon the size, design and style of the table. If the table is big and needs more material then it will definitely cost you more than what a simple DIY table making will.

The estimated cost of the whole expense can vary from $50 to $200.

What is the best wood to use for a dining room table?

Dining Room Table
Dining Room Table

If you want to make something very long lasting for your homemade dinner table then go for mahogany, walnut, maple, oak or teak wood.

If you want something economical and not too long lasting then opt for composite or engineered wood.

How do you determine the size of a dining room table?

Start with measuring your room first. Then decided how much area do you want leave for some open space.

Now determine the size of the table that can fit in the room without any problem.

What is trending in dining room tables?

Here the list of things that are trending in dining room tables:

  1. Retro inspired designs
  2. Benches
  3. Round tables
  4. Mixing textures and styles

And now, its finally time to build a dinning room table for you. let’s go!

Creative Creators

“Its not about creating an object, its about creating a perspective.”

And here are the steps on how to make your own dining table.

  • How do you build a dining room table?
  • Start with cutting the lumber.
  • Then build the uprights.
  • Connect the long supports and legs.
  • Now, attach the casters and secure the MDF.
  • Join the 2x8s.
  • Paint/polish the top and base.
  • And lastly attach the painted top to the MDF.

And that was you easiest and most basic diy wooden dining table method. Well, of you are wondering How do you make a simple kitchen table, you should know that these steps can be used to make a simple table as well.

Just change the measures and size of the things.

Moving onto some other diy dining tables ideas that we have got for you.

Here’s how to

Design Your Own Dining Room Table

  1. Choose your own let style.
  2. Select how the edge profile should look like.
  3. Determine the size that you need and the sized you can afford according to your pocket and the area of the room.
  4. Select the wood that you like
  5. Decide your own finishing touches

And your table will be made easily by following these steps and keeping a few details in your mind.

And now It’s time to unravel

How To Build A Rustic Dining Room Table:

  1. Start with removing all the screws and nails from the table you already have.
  2. After that, plane and sand each individual piece to give them a clean look.
  3. Now fix all the pieces together again and glue them all properly and allow it to dry.
  4. Then sand table top once again.
  5. It’s time to fill the gaps specially in the table top by adding some epoxy resin that will give the table a perfectly smooth finish.
  6. Some more sanding is required.
  7. See if the legs need some extra support. 
  8. Finally, the finishing touches and the wood protection. Use some Osmo Oil and then lightly sand each layer of the table after applying the oil to give the perfect finish.

Done with some classic and rustic table look for your house.

And now, the final DIY procedure that is waiting for you is

How To Make A Dining Room Table From An Old Door

  1. Choose a massive and plain door that is in good condition to be converted in a table top.
  2. Prepare the door for the ultimate change by removing handle, lock, nuts and bolts and sand it to remove its paint as well.
  3. Take measurements
  4. Cut each side of the door and give it smooth edges.
  5. Buy a thin layer of wooden sheet or a metal sheet to cover the handle, lock and nut’s hole that are on the table top aka door.
  6. Choose your type of table legs and install them under the table top.
  7. Paint the table with your choice of colours

Use tung oil for wood and epoxy spray paint for metal (if used).

  1. Add chairs and enjoy a meal on your new table with your family.

You have got so many DIY options and ideas to make a table at home. Now grab all the equipment and start creating you very own version of dining table.


It’s better to use old furniture or door and make something new out of it like a table that will be in your budget rather than wasting money on buying new dining tables and discarding the old ones.

Also, there’s a different kind of fun and pleasure involved in creating something of your own using unwanted products and feel satisfied with your hard work and its end result.


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