A rockery garden design can range from being very naturalistic, sprawling creations to the river beds, runners, soils, and plants. HOW TO MAKE A ROCKERY GARDEN All of this depends on the hard work and preferences of the user and the area that they have planned for the garden. Building a rockery helps in adding a structure to the garden and get done with the unwanted slabs, bricks, tiles, and stones.

A rockery garden can be as big or small as the user likes and it has to have certain different features for the sustenance of certain types of plants and flowers. For example, the alpines grow best on continuous slopes where they get plenty of light. The conditions like these have to be kept in mind while designing and building a rockery garden. This article aims to help the readers understand “How do you make a rockery step by step?”.

Finding A Suitable Location

The first step towards building proper rockery is to choose a proper location for the same and for the plants to thrive. This requires the user to set an aim as to which plants they want to grow and what conditions do they require. Building a rockery has infinite potential and choice and it does not depend on the garden size. One of the most important considerations for the placement of the garden is to ensure that is on a slope and has an ample amount of sunlight.

If it is made in a flat space then it needs to blend with space effectively. The rockery garden should be avoided to be placed underneath the trees as the small plants may be unable to survive under the shade of large trees and it is visually the most effective on the side of the water/pond.


When To Start Building The Rockery Garden?

Many people often ask a question like “How do you build a small rockery garden?”. This question is not very easy to answer as the job is not very easy and it requires some heavy work. Choosing the rockery garden while keeping in mind the above-mentioned fact it is advised that the summer season should not be chosen for making the rockery. An ideal time for the same would be in the winter or autumn season when the ground is dry unlike the monsoon, in which it is almost impossible to walk on the moist soil without slipping.

 How To Create A Rockery?

This is one of the most important questions considering the increase in the features and popularity of building a rockery. Once the place is chosen, the type of stone that the user likes have to be chosen, and then its build needs to be planned. The easiest way to do this is to take a squared paper and draw the area of the garden with an approximate projection and how they aim for their garden to look.

For people who are technologically ahead, they can do this out on software using their device as it will come out more realistic. Whichever way the user decides, they have to ensure that the type, sizes, and placement of all the desired characteristics in kept in mind while making the sketch and planning the entire garden.

How Do You Arrange Rockery Stones?

This is one of the most interesting parts of making a rockery garden. There is a wide variety of stones that are available and that can be used for the rockery garden like Basalt, Wish Greenstone, Slate, York, and Cotswold. All of the above-mentioned are popular choices and they help to add texture, color, and firmness to the attractive rockery garden. One thing that should be kept in mind while choosing the rocks is to select one type of rock to ensure authenticity and consistency in the garden.

The rough-shaped rocks can be used to add a natural effect to the garden which gives an ideal garden feeling and realistic approach. The smoother spherical stones that can be sued are available at most of the garden centers and they are better suited for modern-styled gardens.


When ordering the stones, the user is expected to check the conditions in which the stone will be delivered as it should be delivered nearest to the location, and in the case of the heavier stones, it should be delivered directly to the location. While arranging the stones after they arrive, according to the general thumb rule, the lowest point of the rockery is the starting point. An irregular-shaped baseline can be made with the largest rocks and the gaps for the smaller rocks can be left in between. While doing so, ensure that each rock is properly placed and buried at least two-third below the ground level.

Once all the rocks are placed and the user is satisfied with the positioning, then they can infill the gaps for posting. After the layering is done, they can start on the next level and using the smaller rocks, an adequate planning should be done for the same. As each layer is built, then the user should take a step back and have a look for the rockery from different viewpoints.

What Are The Best Plants To Grow In A Rockery?

Another main problem arises when the user is planning and selecting the plants for rockeries. A wide range of plants can be used and planted within the rockery and these depend partially on the look/feel of the garden space. The best plants that are suited for the rockeries are those that can grow slowly, stay low, and be happy to live in an area where they won’t receive water. Before planting, the best place should be decided where each of the pots has its position. Some of the most popular rockery plants are Aubretia, Sedum, Wild Thyme, Dwarf Conifers, and Sempervivum.

The perfect time to fill the rockery is with the plants and have an entire season is spring before winter. Wherever the plants are placed, they have certain specific needs and for English gardens, thrive in the cooler conditions and should face north. The sun-loving plants are better when they are placed off facing south.

Once the placement of the garden, the types of rocks, and the types of plants are chosen and arranged the roots of the plants can be removed off and have to be placed in the planting pockets. The user has to take care of the compost mixture and over the roots and finish with a handful of the gravel and to improve the drainage and ward off future weed attacks. This article helps in giving answers to one of the most important questions like how to make a rockery garden.

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