Have you heard of tablet presses? 

It is a mechanical equipment that transforms powder into tablets. Industrial uses of the tablet are many. They not only can manufacture a wide variety pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals but also cleaning products, industrial pellets and cosmetics. But here we are not interested about the industrial pill presses. 

So, what do you think what are we going to look at?

Today we have thought of briefing you up about homemade pill presses. We are going to see how can we make a DIY pill press. We are also going to look into how these help us. 

So yes, aren’t you all excited to hear from us?

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Yes, so, let us get on the roll!


The foremost important thing that we first want to tell you is that it is very easy to make your supplements yourself. The processes are good, all you need is tools and ingredients. If you are thinking whether it will save you some money then the answer is Yes. Probably you will spend a certain amount of money by initially paying for the tools and then you’ll eventually save a lot of money.

Moreover, you might be thinking that it will be difficult to get through the recipes but that’s why we are here to help you through the process. Also, there is an advantage that you have while you are making your supplement. 

It offers the flexibility to personalize the supplements based on your body type, body weight, age, exercise levels and personal goals. This is also helpful because we all know that every individual’s body requirement is different.

Therefore, here is the detail!



The very first step is to ask yourself what type of supplement you are going to make.

Now once you have decided on the reason for your supplement, next part is to find the ingredients that will help you reach your goal. 

When its time to look into the ingredients. There are two parts to it:

  1. FIRST YOU ARE TO LOOK FOR THE ACTIVE INGREDIENT. This is the main ingredient inside the tablet or pill. For example, some pills contain caffeine as the main ingredient and some others have green tea or something else. 

One can also find a great range of raw ingredients in the supplement stores near their houses as well as online. Just connect the ingredient with the health benefit you are looking into. 

  1. Firmapress is one all in one easy to use binding agent. It binds the particles of the raw ingredients together. 

All you have to do is take the required amount of your active ingredient and mix it with Firmapress and you will be good to go. 


If the supplements are used for making pills for personal use, then a hand-held pill press is supposed to be used. 

The steps you are then to follow can be checked from any video on hand-held pill press available online. Here we are providing you with the basic steps too.

  • The very first step is to take the active ingredient and the binding agent in proper measures (the binding agent should be used in double the amount than the active ingredient) and then mix it well with a spoon.
  • A shining agent can also be used for example, Magnesium stearate in case of brown sugar tablets.
  • Take the central section of the parts of the handheld press block one end using the biggest of all of the dies.
  • Put the mixture into this now with the help of a paper.
  • After you have put the mixture into it, remove the die which you have fixed previously at one end and then fix the nozzles and screws one by one in that end. 

(It should not be very tight.) 

  • Fix the screws and nozzles at the other side, first the smaller ones and then the bigger ones. 
  • Make the whole fixing a little loose.
  • Apply the caps at both the ends. First on one side while you fix the screws and then on the other. 
  • Touch press your handles at the final step of fixing your press, they come with magnetic built-ins to keep them in place.
  • Finally tighten the whole step with proper care. Tighten it with proper pressure, that will help you make perfect tablets. 
  • After this, just open the caps, fix the smaller screws to the central section and help push the tablet out with the help of the handles.
  • Repeat the process to get more of them. Once you are familiar with the functioning of the handheld press you will be able to make up to sixty to hundred pills in an hour. 


According to entrepreneur Robert Winger, making a basic pill press is as simple as squeezing your mix in your hands like that of making a snowball. 

The actual challenge is making repeated uniform pills of the size and the shape that you actually require. The basic process is the same whether you are making 250-gram bath bombs or tiny melatonin ones. You will just have to measure the material, mix the ingredients well, pour it into the cavity, squeeze it and release it. 

What you have to do to make flat tablets is,

  • Get a wooden dowel of the diameter you want your finished tablet to be. 
  • Bore a whole through a piece of wood that has a flat bottom, may be 2*4. 
  • The dowel is required to fit snugly into the hole. It needs to act like a piston. 
  • Then clamp it to a flat table top. 
  • Then you’ll find a cavity, measure the material and pour it into the cavity. 
  • You’ll have to make sure that the end of your dowel is cut off square and flat.
  • The next step is to slide the dowel into the cavity and tap it down so that the material is compacted firmly. 
  • Putting a mark on the dowel would help you follow the same path for the next one. 
  • Then finally release the dowel and lift the block away so that the tablet gets ejected out of the bottom. 

PRO_TIP:  Making one tablet at a time is the most tedious thing ever and therefore it is suggested that you simply drill more of these holes and cut matching dowels of the same size according to the mark you made so that you multiply the batch.  

There are a number of online videos which keeps us briefed about the usage of a pill press machine. Going through any one or two of them online will help us clear our ideas about the same. 


How can one make a pill press machine at home?

How can one make a pill press machine at home?

Thus, there are two ways in which one can make a pill press machine at home.

One is you need to buy the equipmenHOW TO MAKE HOMEMADE PILL PRESSESt and make a hand-held machine by following the steps we have shared previously in the last section of making a handheld press and secondly by following the steps and procedure we have put down over here just above this segment as a ‘do it yourself’ process.

Both would incur a certain amount of cost for the initial purchase of equipment and the ingredients. 

Thus, with the help of this you can now happily make your own personalized pill supplements at home. 


Thus, anybody who feels that they have an urgent need of making a pill press at home for getting their own personalized tablet supplements this article is for you. From what are tablet presses and their industrial use at the very beginning to the concept of handheld pill presses and DIY pill presses, the ones which you can make at home we have covered it all. Read through the article and I am sure you will get the answers to all your questions related to pill presses. 

Warning: The pill presses we have talked about here are only for personalized uses. The ones that are used in the industries are licensed ones and have heavy fines attached to them on being misused. 

REFERENCE: It is suggested that you go through the link provided below before making a handheld pill press to smoothen your idea after you have gone through the steps we have put up.


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