When most people think about going for a camping trip, the first thing that comes in their mind is a sleek swath of fabric hanging in between two trees called the hammock, Though many people do not know it the straps that hold the hammock in place can scar the trees to which they are attached. HOW TO MAKE PORTABLE HAMMOCK WITH STAND?

One should prefer going for a portable hammock stand to their trip whenever they want to relax in the outdoors without causing any harm to nature or park rules, One does not need to pay for the expensive stands at the store but there are many DIY portables stands plans that fit well within the budget. If you ever find yourself asking the question “how to make portable hammock with stand“, read this article to find out about it.

How To Build A Hammock Stand?

Making a hammock gear is very satisfying and also very practical and there are many designs that the user can choose from which are very easy to assemble and transport to the adventures. Some of the stand ideas are mentioned below that can work even if the backyard trees are too fragile to handle the weight of a hammock.

For a fun weekend, these ideas can be implemented. Some of the most common and efficient hammocks that can be made at home are mentioned below.


1. Foldable Wooden Hammock Stand

Folding hammock stands is not possible in every kind of hammock that is available at the stores and the wooden hammock stand can be made foldable. Whenever it is folded, the “Dabberty” stand looks like a series of boards and is laid out in a single layer side-by-side.

Whenever it is folded, the base supports the diagonal pools of the hammock posts that rise in a V formation. This hammock can be tied to the outside posts and can be covered with a low tarp to ensure that the insects are kept away from the face.

Whenever people ask a question that says “how to make your own hammock” this is one of the most efficient ways of doing the same and is a great way to get the flexibility to the camping trip or store it in the garage also. Though this is a bit challenging it is also very cool and functional and is stable due to its base.

2. The Turtle Dog Hammock Stand

This is beneficial for the people who want to get away at night but do not have the time to get all of their gear in the truck. This stand is very easy to make and can be set up in any weather. The stand starts with tripods and a ridgepole and rests on the two tripods which are secured with a hinge and hooks.

The hammock can be tied directly to the tripods. The design can be altered according to the choice of the individual and it can be used regularly in all the seasons. This stand can be covered with a canvas topper if the user needs a lot of shade on the hottest days.

This is constructed mostly for single-person use and the people who generally ask the question “Can I leave my hammock stand outside?” need not worry about this anymore.

The stand may also be able to support more than one person depending on the material it has been used and setting it up takes only a few minutes.

3. The Car Camping Stand


This stand is designed to conserve space in the trunk and one can have more space and can have everything they need and is made out of two diagonal boards in a V formation to hold the hammock. The car camping version stand is similar to the wood stands but does not require any wood in the base. 

It starts with two long lines and a diagonal post on both ends. The several pieces can be connected to secure everything together. This is one of the most simple and fast hammock ideas and is all about convenience and speed.

4. The Tensahedron Stand

This is a version of the car hammock stand but has a more geometric design and instead of the boards rising from the ground, it relies on the symmetrical stability of a tetrahedron to cradle the hammock. Since this has a geometric design it is much more stable than the other mentioned ideas and therefore if one has a doubt as to “Are hammock stands safe?” this is the perfect design.

The stand helps in keeping the balance and suspends in perfectly so you can drift without thinking about falling. It is recommended that the four top rails can be around 10 and 6 inches and then cut in half. It has a lengthwise space in the middle of the hammock and it takes very little time to get constructed other than being very convenient.

The main risk is that when it comes to hanging the hammock then considering the spine is important for the pressure and position of the spine.  Many people think as to whether “Is it safe for a child to sleep in a hammock?” and the way it is hung plays a very important role in the same.

What Size Stand Do I Need For My Hammock?

What size stand do I need for my hammock?” is a very important and frequent doubt raised by the users and it depends on the type of hammock they wish to create. The key to getting a comfortable hammock is to line up the way the hammock comes and paying attention to the dimensions of the stand. This is a very important factor for the same.


The right hammock depends on several factors like the weight of the individual and their camping plans. Different types of hammocks work in different conditions and the user should choose from the available options as they build the hammock also taking care of the ergonomic needs. All the designs come with their own set of challenges but satisfy the needs of the individual.

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