The heavy-duty Velcro strips that are available in the market today are a perfect match for holding things together and sticking them with irresistible strength. These adhesives are helpful in holding the Velcro to many surfaces and before removing the entire Velcro, the adhesives have to be disengaged. HOW TO REMOVE VELCRO ADHESIVE 

The main question that many people ask is how to remove Velcro adhesive without damaging the surface that it is attached to. This article will help in giving answers to the question along with some other most frequently asked questions concerning the removal of Velcro.

Does Velcro Come Off Easily?

Velcro is a very essential object in today’s time to stick things or objects together as it attaches to the surface of an object very easily. It allows its users to secure the light items very easily and if a quality Velcro is used it will not leave any glue marks behind when it is removed. There have been many situations in which the user has complained about the glue being left behind and facing problems while removing the Velcro.

There are many ways in which the user may remove Velcro and adhesive from the surfaces but using fingers to peel off the Velcro is very tedious, messy, and time-consuming. It is also ineffective as a large part of the glue is left behind on the surface through this process. So, both the Velcro and adhesive can come off easily provided the user knows the ways in which this can be done easily and effectively. It is not very difficult to remove the Velcro adhesive with the help of certain helpful agents or removers.

How To Remove 3m velcro Strips?

Peeling a corner Velcro strip is a very confusing task. The first step to be followed is to start by peeling the corner of the strip with a knife like the plastic putty knife. The strip should be peeled gently to avoid any chances of damage to the surfaces. It is advised to get off the stripping step by step and not by snapping the Velcro.


Instead of a knife, some other gadgets like a scooper, a flat-edged metal, or the rear end of a fork at home can be used which makes it easier to remove the heavy residues of the Velcro adhesive that is on the floor. In the case of using a knife, it should be done very carefully to avoid any possibility of injuries.

What Is The Best Thing To Use To Remove Adhesive?

This is another very frequently asked question as sometimes even though the Velcro is removed, it becomes difficult to remove the adhesive attached to it. The citrus based adhesive remover is one such way that is getting popular as it helps in removing the adhesive very easily. To use this remover easily, the user needs to apply the citrus adhesive remover on the peeled part after stripping off the Velcro strip.

The remover should be pushed into the peeling edge using any sharp object like the putty knife. This provides a way for the citrus to penetrate to the desired spot inside the strip and dissolve the entire adhesive. It is most preferred when it comes to removing the Velcro glue because it is safe and contains some environment-friendly substances that have no undesired effects on the surface on which it was stuck.

Another method that can be used is to use any light oil which can also help in getting the Velcro glue off the flooring without damaging the floor. After pulling away from the corner of the Velcro, it can be pulled apart using a pair of scissors. The adhesive remover should be continuously applied on the peeling edge while the process of peeling continues. The main aim behind doing this is to dissolve the adhesive and providing room for the breakdown of Velcro fabric and the surface. This process should be repeated until the Velcro is completely off.

How To Remove Velcro Glue From Windshield?

Every person has Velcro strips stuck on their vehicle once or twice whether it is in case of a sticker on the windshield which is to be changed after a few years. Removing the Velcro glue is one tiring task as it should also not damage the windshield of the car. Some of the ways in which this can be done in the required way without causing any damage to the windshield are-


1. Using a window cleaner

A window cleaner can be sprayed on the strip/sticker along with using a razor blade to chip the entire portions away and then the sticker has to be pulled apart slowly. Therefore the process is to spray, chip, pull, and then repeat the process until the entire thing is removed completely.

2. Using alcohol

Alcohol can also be rubbed on the surface after peeling off the strip to remove any adhesive that is still present on the windshield. This should be done after waiting for a few minutes after peeling from the glass, A razor blade is optional and should be used only if necessary.

3. Using Goo Gone

The main aim of this product is to remove the residue of the Velcro easily and it can be sprayed on the sticker and after waiting for a little bit, it can be removed very easily.

4. Using WD-40

After removing the Velcro strips, spray WD-40 on the sticker and let it soak in for a few minutes, A damp cloth can then be used to wipe out the rest of the sticker and its adhesive easily.

5. Using Ice

An ice pack can also be held over the sticker for a few minutes to let the adhesive cool off and then a razor blade can be used to peel off the strips.

How To Make Velcro Stick Again?

Sometimes the users of Velcro ask questions like “ how to make velcro less sticky” which happens because the Velcro tends to lose its stickiness with lint and grime and it can be used to stick again by cleaning the debris out of it and if it is old and gets worn out then it needs to be replaced. To increase the life of the Velcro, many preventive measures have to be taken to keep it clean. To stick the Velcro again there are some steps that have to be followed-

1. Pulling out the lint and all the matter that is stuck on the metro that can be removed with the fingers. Any large pieces can be pulled out using fingernails. With the use of Velcro, it stops being sticky and the hooks get damaged. In such a case, the velcro has to be replaced as it won’t be able to gain its sticking power again.

2. The debris that is on the Velcro strip should be stripped out by using the tooth of the comb.

3. A stiff-bristled toothbrush works best while cleaning the Velcro and it does not damage the hook on the Velcro. Keeping the Velcro tabs have to be closed as much as possible so that they do not collect debris. It is designed to be sticky and to easily grab onto things.

The adhesives of the Velcro work the best with the citrus solvent and a different solution can be applied whenever citrus doesn’t work. Precautions should be taken since the solvents can damage surfaces on which they are applied.

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