You have probably chosen the best cabinets and the latest appliances, to make the most reasonable layout for your kitchen but did you just forget to Kitchen Wall Decoration?

The kitchen is the heart of your home and the kitchen wall provides an ideal space to beautify your kitchen. So here we come up with some amazing kitchen wall decoration ideas that will give your kitchen a pop of personality and will make the space more than just a place to whip up a meal. 

How can I decorate my Kitchen Wall?

I am a foodie person and I personally love to eat and cook delicious food items. Of course I always do cooking experiments in my kitchen. But the interesting point is that I love to work in a very clean and appealing atmosphere. Yes, I know that now you are getting my point.

Dear ladies, I am talking about a well organized and beautifully decorated kitchen. When you enter into a well-decorated kitchen then ultimately you love to work in that inspiring atmosphere. When we talk about the kitchen decoration, then of course a lot of things come into this point but here I will try to focus on the kitchen wall decoration only.

The great place to express your artistic sense is the ‘wall’.  I try to renovate my kitchen by bringing many changes every 6 months. Whether your kitchen has got the countryside theme, modern theme or it has got that stylish wooden work on the floor, as well as the ceramic tiles, work, nothing matters because the ideas that I am going to illustrate here usually go with all types of themes of the kitchen.

Another beneficial point is that all of these ideas are very affordable and inexpensive. You just need to learn these ideas with all your heart and be confident. Let’s start!

Ways of using Champagne bottles for Kitchen Wall décor:

Inspiring and Easy Kitchen Wall Decoration Ideas
Inspiring and Easy Kitchen Wall Decoration Ideas

It is the right way to give you kitchen walls a luxurious look by using artistic style wall hooks or frames so that you can add up antique and classical Champagne bottles in these hooks or frames as shown in the picture below.

Sometimes the frames are available with glass hanging places, so if you want to hang wine glasses along with the bottles then you can choose these frames. Here we have used the metal frame with the leaf design and the other is the wooden frame that can also be made using the wooden plaques at home.

Wall painting hanging ideas for kitchen: 

In the list of kitchen wall decoration ideas, another idea is to hang the antique style frame paintings on the wall or to hire a professional painter that can create artistic wall art for your kitchen wall.

When it comes to wall art then I think French culture inspired wall art is a perfect option for the kitchen walls. You can choose fruit-inspired art, crockery inspired art or you can take wall decoration ideas from the different cafes and restaurants. Flower art is also a good option for kitchen wall decoration.

Kitchen Wall Decoration with spoons and knives:

Try to use old metal and plastic spoons or knives for the decoration of your kitchen wall. You can use these spoons and knives either for creating clock designs on the wall or you can arrange this cutlery into frames and then hang these frames on the wall. Be creative and use this cutlery for wall décor. 

Inspiring and Easy Kitchen Wall Decoration Ideas
Inspiring and Easy Kitchen Wall Decoration Ideas

DIY Small Space Kitchen Herb Garden:

Under the kitchen wall decoration ideas, this is the most latest and trending idea. Transform your old kitchen wall with this new fashionable style. You can plant small herbs in colorful pots and hang them on some hanging frames on the wall.

This will provide your kitchen a very classy look but most importantly you can always feel the freshness in your kitchen because of these small plants. Try this out in your kitchen and it will enlighten up your kitchen space.

Inspiring and Easy Kitchen Wall Decoration Ideas
Inspiring and Easy Kitchen Wall Decoration Ideas

Shelves idea for Kitchen Wall decoration:

Think about shelves for wall décor. You can either go with wooden shelves and glass shelves. The choice is yours. You can create jigsaw puzzle inspired shelves or simple shelves as well as cube inspired shelves.

These shelves not only decorate the kitchen walls but also become functional for you as you can store necessary kitchen items on these shelves. You can enhance the beauty of these shelves by adding flower-filled vases or empty vases on these shelves.

You can also store your expensive crockery on these shelves such as cups, plates, etc. I must say that this wall decoration idea is functional as well as give stylish look to your kitchen.

Inspiring and Easy Kitchen Wall Decoration Ideas
Inspiring and Easy Kitchen Wall Decoration Ideas

Use wood log or wooden frame for wall décor: 

Let’s have some fun by using wood. Yes you can use wood to decorate your kitchen wall and it will surely add a country side inspired touch in your kitchen. You can use wooden logs to write something on the walls of your kitchen. 

Similarly, you can write something on a big square size or round shape wooden plaque and hang it on the wall. So in short, all we want is to play with wood and create some amazing wall décor designs. 

Inspiring and Easy Kitchen Wall Decoration Ideas
Inspiring and Easy Kitchen Wall Decoration Ideas

Plates for Kitchen Wall décor: 

Try to use old plates to hang on the walls of your kitchen. Yes, I know it’s old but I personally love this one. If the dining room is adjacent to your kitchen, then I think you can decorate the wall that is located near the dining table with these plates. 

Wood Crates for Kitchen Wall décor: 

Don’t throw the throw away the wooden crates because these inexpensive things can also be used to decorate the walls of your kitchen. These wooden crates can be functional too as you can hang items like cups on them as shown in the picture below. 

So these all were some of the amazing ideas that you can consider while thinking about decorating your kitchen walls. Most of the ideas are very affordable and you can definitely try them out to experience a whole different scene in your kitchen.

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