Do you know wearing wet socks to bed can shoot up your circulation and can further adjust your body temperature? Also, it can assist in energizing your immune system, attain a good quality sleep, supports digestion, can help heal hangover and also mitigates all types of pain. All you need is just a set of wool socks and a set of cotton socks.(Why Wear Wet Socks to Bed?

At some point of time or other you must have all reached a point, that all of a sudden we feel more exhausted than normal. It is possible because you have not got enough standard sleep the previous night? Or perhaps you have probably had a massive meal in the breakfast. But after that, you sense that little scratches in your throat. 

At that point in time, you really don’t have any idea what you are transacting with. Your body might be brawling with any disease or infection. You really not want to be coughing and gisting your nose all the time because of it. 

Now you want to know as to how to brawl this illness before it gets to you.  You instantly then rush to your Google browser and plunge deep into the different sort of advice given by so-called strangers who call themselves experts in particular fields. Also, you come across an article, which advises you to wear wet socks to bed to heal this common illness of cold and its symptoms. 

It sounds really very uncanny and flagrant but is really engrossing. So now the question arises should you actually try it?  Science, technology and every related article say yes, you should definitely try it, as this old age trick of soft and wet socks is claimed to be the magic remedy for variegation of symptoms.

So, therefore, your wet socks can be your new and latest best friends. Although this may turn out to be a  one-sided friendship in your esteem, these pair of your wet socks will do so much for you that you will not be able to pay back them for.  

Why should you wear wet socks to bed? 

So now as we know that there are a lot of benefits of wearing wet socks to bed, let us answer the actual question of why wear wet socks to bed? Let us, therefore, have a look at various actual advantages wearing wet socks to bed can provide.

  • Wet socks can help prevent your common cold.

Every person becomes a little baby whenever they are prone to any type of sickness. We all have been some time or the other whenever we fall sick. And that is the point when we just require ourselves to be surrounded by soft and warm things around us. 

And obviously we need to get rid of this nose blowing. Therefore, wearing wet socks to bed can be perfect to get rid of this common cold and blowing nose and also it will make us feel warm and soft all the time.

  • Wet socks can help you out in having a deep sleep.

The specialist at centres of natural health many a time advise the wet socks therapy to their patients and spot them come back with claiming a number of overnight well-beings. The most important of which is that they encounter a better sleep.

The doctors and the experts initiated that wet socks expand the rate of circulation, and the increasing circulation further has a pacifying effect on the body which lets you fall asleep fastly and also helps you relish an extensive and high-quality sleep. 

  • Wet socks can actually restore and heal your hangover.

It happens many a time when people drink way too much that they not at all feel well the day after. So if it ever happens to you, you can urgently think about wearing wet socks so that you can appear to work or brunch the day after energetic and active. 

Wear wet socks to bed, as the wet socks, you wear will urgently adjust the blood pressure and the temperature of the body while you sleep, and it will also assist in curbing the negative effects of alcohol consumption like heating up of the body while sleeping and bad quality sleep. The end results are eventually that you wake up feeling healthier and greater than you will otherwise while you are drunk.  

  • Wet socks can work as an athlete’s foot cure.

The decay or fungus that originates on the athlete’s foot shoots up in the unlighted, moist and sticky places. Therefore, wet socks are the greatest domain for these small beast creatures. The athlete’s foot is guarded perfectly inside the wet socks as long as they are perfectly covered. And that is why athletes should wear wet socks to bed as it is a perfect athlete’s foot cure.

But the main question which stands up in the mind of an athlete has remained unquestioned, that is:

Why should I wear wet socks to foot fungus? 

The entire idea behind wearing wet socks to foot fungus is that the blood supply sprints to an area where the water level is in opposition to your skin. Further, the point of wearing a pair of wet socks to foot fungus is to grasp in the comfort in spite of moistening that particular place. 

  • Wet socks can help in simplifying the digestion process.

The shooted up blood circulation attacks all the areas and parts of your body, which includes your stomach as well. As the blood in our body sets up in motion, the stomach and intestines will take up the clue and starts working too. 

It is the same process like that of taking a rapid walk, but this can only be done while you are sleeping while wearing wet socks, as this will lead you to wake up to a better and improved digestive system. 

  • Wet socks can assist in diminishing all sorts of pain.

The enlarged motion of blood in the body can assist by uplifting and smoothing up the pain relief reaction in the body.  So wear wet socks to bed, as the circulation caused by wearing wet socks to bed, reveals your body to a balanced contribution of nutrition and oxygen from the blood cells, which can further activate a soften reaction and can also lead to depletion in pain. 

  • Wet socks can work as an athlete’s foot home remedy 

Home remedies can be completely very helpful and fruitful in handling the cases of athlete’s foot. Therefore, wet socks work as a perfect athlete’s foot home remedy, which is worth a try to the problem of athletes foot problem and is also readily obtainable and accessible at home. 

Also, it easily helps in assassinating the fungus that is generated in the athlete’s foot. 

What you actually need to do with your wet socks?

Before you situate into your bed and drift away in your dreamland, dip a pair of socks in cold water and squeeze them out. Set them apart for some time, and till that time submerge your feet in some hot water. 

You can dip them into a hot tub or the water can be even hotter. Dip until your skin turns a small pink. Further, parch your feet off and then put on the wet socks. 

It would definitely injure a little. Therefore, put on a pair of dried wool socks right over your soft and wet socks. 

Now once you are done with the process, you will awake feeling superior, and also not a thing will be able to hold you back.

If you are still not able to receive 100% outcomes, you can redo the process for a few successive nights until you are totally up and are able to function fully and comfortably again. 

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