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Are you looking for a platform to host your writing ability? Do you need a place where you can hone your writing skills and put your knowledge about various animals to good use? Do you want to earn utilizing that particular set of skills? Then just write for us and get paid. If you have immense knowledge of things that are going around you, if you know the artistry of writing and can bring about the flourishing elements of the pen out on a paper, then this is the place where you will thrive more.

Who Are We?

We are the perfect place for a cat lover like you. If you have a cat with you and have an explicable and a vast amount of knowledge on everything feline, this is the place where you Write for us paid. We tend to put up every update and recent information regarding the canines in order to keep the canine owners out there updated about recent trends, important traits, crucial information about their health so on, and so forth.

We will get you the platform you need so that you can put your thoughts into the form of blogs, content and help us get the input needed through informative writing. If you are interested in working with us. Please contact us. Help us help you grow from the comfort of your home as we provide Home write for us too. 

How to Do It?

You have to do it by managing the following steps. If you follow the instructions thoroughly, your position with us will be ensured.

  • Mail us your write list
  • If we are pleased with your writing we will confirm it by sending you our approval. You must wait for the completion of this process.
  • Introduce your initial writing blog.
  • We will edit and finalize your article based on our needs.
  • If your writing is selected after the review, then your “business write for us” process will be accomplished.
  • We will hire you based on your knowledge, writing skills, and the ability to put your thoughts in the most engaging way.

What Are We Looking for In a Content Writer?

We are looking for those writers who own a cat and know a lot about the world of canine. Our features range from a variety of topics based on the lifestyle of various animals. The topic ranges from cat health problems to their lifestyle, from feline product reviews to blog, everything about kitties will be covered by us. So having a writer who knows their stuff about felines will be appreciated.

Apart from knowledge, we are trying to find a contender who can amass his thoughts and creativity on the manuscripts. Writing what you feel and enabling others to feel the same through your own writing is something that makes your own piece of writing a success. So the writer has to write in an engaging manner while retaining his uniqueness and individuality.

A person who can put all the traits that we want and further analyze, introspect and write in a lucid manner while making the writers connect with the rest of the world can apply for SEO write for us.

What Are the Blog Post Guidelines?

Each and every piece of writing has to follow the guidelines in order to produce an excellent piece of writing. Before you start to write for us blog, follow these instructions to maintain the structurality of the piece. Here are the instructions that you have to follow.

  • You have to conjure an introductory summary of the topic that you will be assigned with. The summary should not surpass more than fifty words. The summary should be attention-grabber.
  • The writing piece should have at least three titles. It is one of the crucial points so keep it in mind. 
  • The writing should be professional but engaging. In order to make it more engaging, you have to give the writing a piece of your own ethnicity, only then will it become more unique.
  • Write highlighting your own personal experience with your cat. It seems to assure other cat owners well. It will help you connect with them.
  • After writing up the piece you have to send it in the ‘word’ formation.

Some Evaluative Ethical Key Points that You Have to Keep in Mind:

In order to maintain the ethicality of a piece of writing, we have imposed certain key points to ensure its value. These points not only maintain the ethical standards of writing submitted to us but also of the site.

  • The piece of writing that will be sent to us will be thoroughly analyzed to see if it is written solely on the given topic or not. If it is off-topic, the authority will not choose it.
  • The authority to publish the content on our site resides with the site. If one finds that the topic even after the editing process is straying off-topic, or is not up to the mark then it won’t be considered as a justified material worthy to be published.
  • The piece of writing or the content that will be sent to us cannot be sent to any other sites. Neither can plagiarise any piece of writing. We believe in producing unique writing so republishing or plagiarising is not an option.

Where can I submit my writing?

You can submit your writing to us via the email address we have provided on the site. Contact us shashakjain84@gmail.com via email and we will reach you in a few days. 


We believe in producing quality material for our readers so that they can connect, share, and engage with the rest of the world. If you think you have the power to do so, then Write today to us to get in contact with us.