Baby Bearded Dragon For Sale

Baby Bearded Dragon For Sale: Buying Guide For 2024

Bearded dragons are adorable reptiles. Many individuals keep them as pets. They are cordial animals that are not hostile and go well with human handling.

Bearded dragons available to be purchased are frequently hard to track down. In any case, find one that is appropriately reproduced and sound; in addition to that, the sellers provide a proper guide and vet consultation.

To accept a bearded dragon as a pet, you should be aware of the available varieties well, and then you should pick one as per your liking. Individuals who love reptiles regularly look for charming and simple reptiles to keep as pets. If you are one of the bearded dragon lovers, this article will benefit you.

Let’s have a look at the top 3 websites where you can find the best-bearded dragon for sale online today.

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Baby Bearded Dragon For Sale
Baby Bearded Dragon For Sale
Baby Bearded Dragon For Sale
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CB Reptile
Tortoise Town
XYZ Reptiles

Baby Bearded Dragon For Sale

You can find baby bearded dragons for sale. Generally, wholly developed beardies are more alright with a human touch, while the more youthful ones may be somewhat unsteady. Getting a hatchling also helps create a bond with your baby pet as it grows. Hatchlings of bearded dragons measure around 4 inches.

Baby bearded dragon for sale is also a great choice you can opt for. Purchasing a baby bearded dragon will introduce you to the joy of raising your pet yourself. It develops a bond with your pet that can assist you with sorting out at whatever point your pet isn’t feeling great and other stuff like its non-verbal communication. If interested in a baby bearded dragon, instead of searching “baby bearded dragon for sale near me,” head to the below-mentioned sites and meet your amazing pet in a day or two.

There are many types of bearded dragons, including paradox bearded dragon, hypo zero bearded dragon, white-bearded dragon, black-bearded dragon, purple bearded dragon, and albino bearded dragon.

In this article, we will describe the different features of these types of bearded dragons; also, we will recommend some websites that will help you with “Where to buy a bearded dragon?”

Bearded Dragon For Sale Online

Bearded dragons for sale are available at the city’s pet stores, but finding trusted breeders can be complicated. We will recommend some websites that guarantee the soundness of the bearded dragons you will purchase and allow you to contact the breeder. These bearded dragon sellers breed reptiles ethically and are famous for their best customer service all around the country.

Making sure the authenticity of the website is essential. Here we will provide you with helpful information about the bearded dragons for sale and bearded dragon breeders online.

Many trustworthy breeders are now taking orders online, and they offer a variety of bearded dragons and other reptiles. They make the online purchasing of reptiles pretty easy, and they ship your pet to your house in a day or two.

At the moment, we will recommend three websites that provide “bearded dragons for sale,” and we will also give some details about these sites, so stick with us to get a comprehensive picture that will help you make a decision afterward.

CB Reptiles

Baby Bearded Dragon For Sale

See Official Website

CB Reptile is a notable website that will supply you with a bearded dragon of appealing appearance and sound well-being.

CB reptiles are family-based dependable, reputable breeders and deliver a bearded dragon in a day. They can convey the bearded dragons all year round with the proper transportation medium throughout the country.

This website has different types of reptiles, from hatchlings to mid-aged, morphs of various tones, giving you the best-quality species you want. Whether you want a juvenile fancy bearded dragon or a citrus baby bearded dragon, they have it all. You should check their website and contact them if you have further queries about buying a bearded dragon online. They offer numerous morphs of bearded dragons that are stated below:

  • Red bearded dragon
  • Witblit bearded dragon
  • Inferno bearded dragon
  • Leatherback bearded dragon
  • Silkie bearded dragon
  • Citrus bearded dragon
  • Hypo bearded dragon
  • Fancy bearded dragon

If you are looking for any of the types of bearded dragons mentioned above, then you should undoubtedly check CB Reptiles out (

If you want more details about these morphs of bearded dragons, then you can check our other articles about bearded dragons breeders (add link)

Tortoise Town

Baby Bearded Dragon For Sale

See Official Website

If you are searching for “reptile breeders near me,” look no further. The turtle town is the best reptile seller around, where you will get a wide range of reptiles. Whether it’s a turtle or an iguana, you will get your order in a day through FedEx.

Tortoise town reptiles are dynamic and solid in all cases. They guarantee the best client support to keep up with quality. They have different forms and ages of reptiles, from hatchlings to grown-up species. You will find a great variety of reptiles on their website that are healthy and alluring.

Whatever you have ordered from their website will securely show up at your home through temperature-controlled and protected shipment. Tortoise Town additionally gives a seven-day health guarantee, which lets you exchange the pet if you notice any health issues.

They have an extensive site with blog articles, and it even clarifies the agreements you want to know before purchasing reptiles from them. Visit their site, and you will find solutions to your inquiries (


Baby Bearded Dragon For Sale

See Official Website

Xyz reptiles deal with their bearded dragons with great care, giving them the ideal environment, including a suitable substrate and UVB light. So in case you are purchasing bearded dragons, you want not to stress over any of their wellbeing or health issues, then you should check them out (

They don’t have many morph choices accessible at present, yet they have relatively lower costs than other sellers. They are reliable sellers.

If you are searching for a site to buy a baby bearded dragon, you should look at their site. They have some morphs of bearded dragons going from red-bearded dragons to citrus-bearded dragons and some other bearded dragons of different color tones and patterns.

Morphs of bearded dragons

Bearded dragons are more than sandy-colored reptiles. With growing love from reptile lovers, many sellers of bearded dragons have started breeding them to obtain different colors and patterns. In addition, it provides sellers with a variety of bearded dragons for sale, and it has also helped to produce a vast range of bearded dragons that were not available before.

The main species of bearded dragon used as a pet is Pogona vitticeps, and it comes in brown, tan, or red color. These colors may vary with certain conditions like sunlight etc., but all other colors were obtained later by breeding.

Morphs of bearded dragons are the variants of bearded dragon species bred over time. There are many different bearded dragons present, which can be colorful and colorless, patterned and pattern-less. These morphs are produced by reproducing the same or different species together.

Some breedings of bearded dragons were a success over time, and there were not many health issues reported in them, they gained popularity in a short period, as some of them are stated above (in the CB reptiles section).

The selective breeding resulted in different textures, spike formation, different body sizes, and color tones. That is why when we talk about morph, it is not just about the color of a bearded dragon; it is more than that. And a true reptile lover would know the difference.

There are some rare morphs of bearded dragons that were bred and gained the attention of many people due to their unique features. They were the result of specific mutations and selective breeding. Most of them had health issues and were not a huge success. That is why they are not available at the reptile pet stores easily.

If they are healthy and don’t develop any health problems in their life, they can also live up to 10 years in captivity.

Regardless, the following rare bearded dragons have the same maintenance level, and they are fed the same diet as other bearded dragons. They also require UVB light and specific environmental settings, just like other beardies.

Paradox bearded dragon

Paradox bearded Dragons have patches of color that seem to occur arbitrarily at any place on their body without any specific pattern or shape. They can be of any color or symmetry, which makes them unique.

Paradox bearded dragons are very rare morphs with distinguishing patterns, unlike other bearded dragons in the world. That is why they are the most expensive bearded dragons in the world.

Paradox bearded dragons are obtained by breeding two hypo translucent, witblit, or zero beardies. They have complex health problems compared to other bearded dragons, so they are not popular as pets. They can be weak or deformed by birth, and if they survive the first few months without a deformity, they are likely to spend their entire life healthy. That is why; it is risky to get a pet like a paradox bearded dragon.

Paradox bearded dragon is extremely rare to find because of the risks that come with it. But you can ask a trusted breeder if you want to get one.

Hypo zero bearded dragon

Hypo zero bearded dragons are the morphs with the patternless body. Hypo-bearded dragons are called so due to their bodies’ less melanin and clear nails, unlike other bearded dragons.

Hypo zero bearded dragons don’t have dark coloring or patterns. Instead, they are becoming popular among other morphs of bearded dragons because of their distinctive features.

Some people like zero-bearded dragons because their bodies often show glittering reflections. They are scarce and are more expensive than the other bearded dragons. They are not commonly present in any reptile store online or in your area.

White-bearded dragon

They are also called snow-bearded dragons and are exceptionally uncommon white morphs. They are patternless, colorless bearded dragons, and they are costly. The bearded dragon’s shading changes with temperature. They are dark (grey) in cooler environments. They are white in high-temperature environments. White morphs result from breeding a snow bearded dragon and a witbilt beardie (a patternless type).

They are also referred to as non-bearded dragons because they don’t have a beard due to a rare mutation that allows them to be spotless. White-bearded dragons are also not readily available in reptile stores, but they are recently gaining popularity among reptile lovers. If you want to own one, you may need to contact a breeder beforehand, and it may take many days.

Black bearded dragon

A few bearded dragons are more pigmented and seem darker than the other morphs of beardies, but full black-bearded dragons are uncommon and practically impossible. Some factors can affect the color of the bearded dragon, and then it turns black.

Although color changes are expected with beardies, you should focus on the conditions prompting the abrupt transition. For example, the justification behind the beardie turning black can go from internal causes to the bearded dragon’s environmental factors. In this case, you need to figure out what is causing the color changes in your bearded dragon. Sometimes it can be something to worry about, and other times it is just natural, and there is nothing significant to consider.

The reasons that cause bearded dragons to turn black can be

  • Temperature regulation
  • Feeling territorial or aggression
  • Stress or sickness
  • After brumating
  • Call for mating

Purple bearded dragon

Purple bearded Dragons are bred by reproducing two translucent bearded dragons; however, they are exceptionally uncommon to find because the vast majority of the progeny don’t hold their unique purple tone, and they change into translucent beardies later on.

You can especially ask the breeders who have a bearded dragon for sale to give you a purple-colored bearded dragon. But their purple color can vanish as the pigmentation fades away after becoming adults. They are difficult to come by and can be expensive, ranging from a minimum of 400 dollars to 1000 dollars.

Albino bearded dragon

Albino bearded dragons have no pigments; thus, they have no color; they do not produce any melanin, and they mostly appear as white with red or pink eyes.

One of the rarest bearded dragons is the albino beardie. They are very uncommon and are very hard to find. They do not have a longer life because it is difficult to survive in the intense UVB light because of their complex, non-pigmented skin. You can find other morphs like albino, but the originals are currently not available in the market.

Some breeders may claim to be selling albino bearded dragons, but they may not have albinism in real. That can be some other similar morph of bearded dragons because they are very rare to come across. And if you like the color of albino bearded dragons, you can go for other pale-colored bearded dragons that will be pretty resembling and attractive.

German giant

The bearded dragon that grows more than the standard size of a bearded dragon is known as a German giant. They are reported to grow up to 30 inches in size and are the biggest beardies among all morphs of bearded dragons. They still exist but might be challenging to locate.

If you are really into big-sized bearded dragons, then German Giant is the option for you. They will need a little extra care compared to other bearded dragons. They are born with three-inch bodies, and hatchlings keep growing 2-3 inches per month until their juvenile stage.

German giant weighs 380 to 500 grams in weight. They also need more space than a standard-size gallon. Therefore, it is recommended to get a 100-gallon tank for them where they can live comfortably.

They are selectively bred by mating the naturally occurring largest breeds, mostly brown, and are a little expensive because of their huge size, ranging from 300$ to 700$.

Things to know before owning a bearded dragon

It would help if you kept in mind some things before buying a bearded dragon. When you become a pet owner, you take responsibility like a parent. Thus taking care of your pet becomes important, and knowing how to keep them in your house, especially when the pet is a reptile, this task requires prior knowledge.

  • You need to take care of the housing just when you are looking to get a bearded dragon as a pet. They need a vivarium with enough space according to their size.
  • Bearded dragons need a warm source of heat, and they also need UVB light for proper functioning.
  • You would need to feed bearded dragons gut-filled live insects and other vegetables or fruits for a balanced diet.
  • You should keep the cost of the bearded dragon in mind and purchase according to your budget and liking.
  • A bearded dragon’s setup can be expensive, but they don’t require much space in your house, and they usually have low to moderate maintenance.
  • It would be best to give them a calm environment to live in as they might react to loud noises or stress.

Fun facts about bearded dragons

Bearded dragons are unique and fascinating pets for reptile lovers, and it is always great to know some fun facts about a pet you love.

  1. Bearded dragons perceive colors just like humans.
  2. Bearded dragons have a parietal eye on their forehead, known as the third eye does not fully develop.
  3. Bearded dragons harden and stiffen their spike if they feel threatened or frightened for the sake of protection.
  4. Wild Bearded dragons can survive days without eating.
  5. The front teeth of bearded dragons fall out and grow again, but the side ones remain permanent.
  6. If kept together in an enclosure, bearded dragons show dominance by lying on the other bearded dragons by depriving them of UVB light.
  7. In the wild bearded dragons secrete dry urines in extreme conditions to preserve water in their body.
  8. Unlike snakes, bearded dragons shed their skin throughout their life. It happens in adults every few months.
  9. Bearded dragons can change the pattern or color at any time of their life, mostly while shedding.
  10. Bearded dragons eat their skin after shedding, which is considered pretty normal.
  11. Bearded dragons love to live alone.
  12. There are eight species of bearded dragons, of which only one is usually kept as a pet.

Final word

Bearded dragons are trendy pets for people who love reptiles and are present in many color tones and beautiful patterns, as some of them are described above.

You can find bearded dragons for sale at the online pet stores recommended above. They are the bearded dragon sellers that are easy to deal with, and they guarantee whatever species they sell to you.

They also offer consultation and sometimes pieces of training on how to look after your pet. But you should also find a vet near you for peace of mind should you need assistance with your beardie.

Many types of bearded dragons for sale are available, like hypo zero bearded dragons, white-bearded dragons, purple bearded dragons, black-bearded dragons, paradox bearded dragons, etc. You can order your favorite bearded dragon from international breeders on the websites listed above. If you want to find other breeders, make sure they are trustworthy, and you should also ask for a health checkup on your pet from them. So if you are interested in bearded dragons, why not order now and get your pet delivered in a day?

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