Best Bearded Dragon Breeders

3 Best Bearded Dragon Breeders Of 2024

If you’re considering adopting a bearded dragon, finding a reputable breeder is crucial for ensuring the health and well-being of your new pet.

This guide introduces the top three bearded dragon breeders of 2024, highlighting their practices, available morphs, and how they ensure the quality and health of their reptiles.

Learn about the specific needs of bearded dragons, from diet to habitat, and get expert tips on caring for these fascinating creatures. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced reptile keeper, this article has all the information you need to make a confident and informed decision.

Why Should You Look For The Very Best Bearded Dragon Breeders?

Best Bearded Dragon Breeders

Thank you for stopping by; you must be a reptile lover if you are here on our website. Reptiles make lovely pets, and the number of people having reptiles as pets is increasing around the world. So if you are searching for the best-bearded dragon breeder that ensures the quality of the species, then you are at the right place. 

Here we will give you some recommendations for the best-bearded dragon breeders. For example, you can order your favorite pets online and get them shipped to you safely.

Concerns about finding the perfect bearded dragon are essential and real. Many pet stores don’t have a decent handle on where or how their bearded dragons come from. That implies providers can catch and send them in unlawfully or send reptiles that have been abused or are old. Some reptiles may have some transmissible diseases that can make your old pets sick as well. 

If you are adopting a bearded dragon or getting one from a pet store, they can’t guarantee you its age, history, or whether it carries a genetic disorder or not. Please stick with us throughout the article, and we will answer all the queries to help you make an educated decision about getting a perfect bearded dragon.

The most common species of bearded dragons used as pets is Pogona vitticeps. They make the best pets because of their calm and docile nature. They originate from central Australia and come in different colors and patterns. Their patterns and colors are obtained by breeding the same or different types of bearded dragons. This process includes a variety of genes; thus, spikes and scales on them vary in individual types of beardies.

Almost 20 types of morphs are present now that were bred for over two decades to produce the desirable bearded dragons. This article will describe some of the most reputable and trustworthy bearded dragon breeders. We hope to make it effortless for you to read and understand. 

What to expect when getting a bearded dragon?

This article will provide you with a complete guide on bearded dragon breeders or if they fit your lifestyle and give you a complete guide on where you should get bearded dragons online. 

Bearded dragons are good to keep as pets because they enjoy human interaction and handling. They need special care and an environment to live in. The right size of the enclosure you will put your reptile in matters. Heaters with thermostats are also required to maintain the temperature of pet reptiles’ environment.

Baby bearded dragons will be required to be fed once a day with gut-loaded live mealworms, waxworms, or crickets. On the other hand, adult beardies need to be fed once every two days to fulfill their nutritional requirements.  

They need artificial UVB light to be kept on for almost 12 hours a day because they need it for their proper growth and functioning. 

The cost of bearded dragons ranges from 100 dollars to 1000 dollars depending upon the age and type of beardie you are getting. 

Importance of Choosing Best Breeders 

Getting a pet and making it a part of your family is a big step that you should consider carefully. That is why selecting a good breeder is also a responsibility you should not take lightly. 

Many people get bearded dragons from pet stores, shelters, or rescue groups but choosing these options comes with risks.

Good breeders always conduct screening and health tests on their pets to see if they have any disease. They always make sure to reduce genetic or inherited disorders. Good breeders provide extensive knowledge about their breeding practices and their selling species.

Good Breeding Practices 

Breeders breed beardies of different morphs to produce colors and patterns like citrus, red, olive green, or yellow. There are specific protocols that should be followed to obtain a new generation of bearded dragons, minimizing the transmission of genetic defects and disorders. Following are some excellent breeding practices.

  • The bearded dragons that are bred and grown in captivity are likely to be healthier and have a longer life.
  • Good breeders keep the reptiles in solo cages because it is better not to share their habitat.
  • Practices for the mating of species of reptiles are ethical and taken into account by reputable breeders.
  • You can also inquire about their eating and living habits while purchasing a bearded dragon.
  • Good breeders will provide you with the documentation and guarantee the pet’s health they are selling.
  • You must do extensive research before getting a bearded dragon and choosing a trusted breeder.

Here Are The Top 3 Bearded Dragon Breeders In The USA.

It is impossible to find the perfect reptile breeder without proper research. Instead, you should keep the requirements of a bearded dragon you want in mind and choose accordingly. Here we have described the three best reptile breeders from which you can purchase a beardie of your choice without worrying about any issues.

CB Reptile

Best Bearded Dragon Breeders

See Official Website

CB Reptile is a well-known website that will provide you with a bearded dragon with an alluring appearance and sound health. 

They are family-based reliable, and trusted breeders providing delivery within a day. They can deliver these reptiles at any time of the year with the appropriate transportation medium all over the country.

CB reptiles have different aged reptiles, all morphs of different colors, providing you with the best service you need. They provide many species of bearded dragons that include the following types.

Inferno bearded dragon

Native to Australia, these famous bearded dragons are moderate-sized lizards. They are 16 to 24 inches long. The baby inferno bearded dragons measure about 4 inches, and a full-grown can grow 2 feet in length. The lifespan of a bearded dragon is between 6-10 years commonly, but the 20-year life of a bearded dragon is also reported.

The other names for bearded dragons are Central bearded dragon, Pogona vitticeps, and Inland bearded dragon. 

CB Reptiles has a reputation for selling the friendliest bearded dragons in the country. They also offer a wide range of bearded dragon color morphs and deliver all over the country with the best possible price range.

Witblit Bearded Dragons

Many animal species are opening up to the pet trade, but the most generally accessible type is the central or inland bearded dragon, Pogona vitticeps. Witblit bearded dragon is also available on the CB reptiles website.

This type shows mutation, and it is available in many color morphs but typically available in tan or brown color. However, they don’t have patterns on their body.

They handle the bearded baby dragon with care and have a biologist onsite. Their bearded dragons online come with a seven-day health guarantee, so don’t be late to explore their website if you want to get one.

Zero bearded dragon breeders

CB Reptiles also provides you zero bearded dragons, called white-bearded dragons. Zero is one of the mutations resulting in patternless bearded dragons that come in silver to dark shades of grey. 

They are a little expensive as these are rarely found in many pet stores, but these online bearded dragon breeders will provide you with a cool guaranteed white/zero bearded dragon. They can grow up to 2 feet but are usually shorter than this.

Leatherback bearded dragon

CB reptiles also breed this unique morph of leatherback bearded dragon. They usually have a smooth back with no spikes, but they have spikes on the sides of their body. With their intriguing appearances, there exists another benefit bearded leatherback dragons are non-aggressive.

There are different colors available in leatherback bearded dragons as orange, red, citrus, and more.

Silkie bearded dragon 

Silke bearded dragons or silk-backed bearded dragons are also available to be purchased on their website. 

Silkies can have more delicate skin when contrasted with ordinary or bearded leatherback dragons. They have bright silky skin with exotic colors due to their body’s lack of rough scales, and they shed more than other bearded dragons. 

Silk-backed bearded dragons are the result of the genetic mutation of two cross-breaded leatherback bearded dragons. They are a bit high maintenance, but they are a little cheaper to buy than other bearded dragons.

Hypo bearded dragons

Hypo-bearded dragons are low melanin-producing bearded dragons due to recessive mutation, generally in a lighter color, and have clear nails.

They are also available on their website:  and ready to ship your way. Baby bearded dragons available to be purchased can transform into phenomenal bearded dragons as they grow.

XYZ reptiles

Best Bearded Dragon Breeders

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They provide guaranteed bearded dragons, which come in different patterns and colors without any health issues. They have limited morph options at the moment.

Xyz reptiles take care of their bearded dragons providing the optimum environment, including a suitable substrate and UVB light. So if you are buying a bearded dragon, you need not worry about any health or other issues.

They do not have many morph options available right now, but they have comparatively lower prices than other breeders for the available baby bearded dragons.

If you are looking for a website to purchase a bearded baby dragon, you need to check their website. They have different bearded dragon morphs ranging from red-bearded dragons to citrus-bearded dragons.

Here we will describe the two unique morphs of bearded dragons that will help you choose your favorite type, and you will quickly decide it.

XYZ Reptiles has years of experience in breeding reptiles and selling them online.

Citrus bearded dragon 

Citrus bearded dragons with the brightest color make excellent pets, even for beginners. It is always a great idea to purchase the citrus bearded dragon from bearded dragon breeders that ship. They are easy to handle and can live up to 10 years in captivity. You should check XYZ reptiles to have a citrus-colored baby bearded dragon.

Red bearded dragons 

They are available as baby beards at the XYZ reptile store. This color was given to the beardie morph after being artificially bred in captivity. This color is also considered one of the most common and liked colors of bearded dragons. Red shades of bearded dragons may vary with the different variants. For more information, click here to visit their website:

Tortoise Town

Best Bearded Dragon Breeders

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If you are looking for “reptile breeders near me,” then look no further. The tortoise town is the best reptile breeder in town, where you will get many different varieties of reptiles. Whether it’s a turtle or an iguana, you will get your shipment in a day via FedEx.

Your desired reptile will safely arrive at your house in the best absorbent, temperature-controlled, and insulated packaging. Tortoise Town also provides a seven-day health guarantee.

They have a variety of reptiles, from hatchlings to adult-sized. You will get whatever size or age you want, as they are pretty descriptive in that regard. Tortoise town reptiles are active and healthy in all cases. They ensure the best customer service to maintain quality. They have a detailed website with blog posts, and they even explain the terms and conditions you need to know before buying reptiles from them. Visit their website, and you will get answers to most of your queries

Bearded Dragon Care

If you get one, you should use the best of your abilities to take care of a bearded dragon. You need to pay attention to certain factors after getting a beardie of your choice. For example, providing a bearded dragon with a suitable living space and diet is the responsibility you get after becoming a pet owner. 


Bearded dragons come from a wild habitat which is why choosing a suitable enclosure for them is necessary.

When selecting a vivarium, you need to keep certain things in mind like enough space, basking spot, shady spot, and sliding front doors.

It would be best to make sure that the spaces are not open but are decorated with some rocks, grass, or other decorations. It will give your bearded dragon a perfect house, and it will also give you an incredible visual of your pet and its enclosure which will automatically compliment your house. 

It is preferred to buy an enclosure with non-reflective surfaces because it helps reduce the anxiety in your pet reptile and gives it a calm feeling.

Also, if you are looking for a recommendation for the size of an enclosure, then the minimum for a single captive bearded dragon should be 4ft x 2ft x 2ft.


The most effective way to begin focusing on your new bearded dragon is by having the proper arrangements for it. Heating is also an essential part of the enclosure as bearded dragons spend the longest of their time under the sun in their natural habitat. 

There can be many heat sources in a vivarium, including IR ceramics, tubular heaters, or incandescent bulbs. You can also get fluorescent lighting bulbs. The size of the heating lamp relies upon the size of the walled-in area, and the bulb can be either 75 watts or 100 watts. These bulbs can provide them with heat and UVB light, which is compulsory for maintaining the health of the bearded dragon.

The bulb should not take up too much space in the enclosure, so always choose an appropriate size of bulb that matches the space in the vivarium.


Like other pets, bearded dragons also have special dietary needs that you need to fulfill for their proper growth and functioning. Super insects with filled guts are the primary source of their diet. Green vegetables and some fruits are also fed to bearded dragons. Feed them a balanced portion of insects and plants, depending on their age.

With diet, do not forget to keep a small water bowl in the enclosure for your reptile pet because hydration is essential even though they get most of their hydration from the food they eat.


You need to take some precautions if you are getting a bearded dragon for your and your pet’s safety.

  • Bearded dragons may have bacteria on their skin, so it is better to wash your hands after you touch them. Some of these bacteria are of zoonotic importance (can infect humans and animals) and can cause serious health problems in humans. 
  • If the neck or body of a bearded dragon is turning black, you need to check their UVB light and heat to protect them from overheating.
  • Lastly, if you observe your reptile is at a point where it’s not a suitable pet for your family, contact your veterinarian, reptiles’ expert, or neighborhood pet control office to help it find another home. 
  • It would be best if you did not release the reptile outside where it won’t survive. Domesticated reptiles are unable to prey and eat outside. Releasing a domesticated dragon outside only means putting it into the harshest circumstances. 
  • Releasing the pet outside can also expose a hazard to individuals or different creatures. Releasing a bearded dragon outside can spread diseases to other animals if it is sick. 

Final word:

Your quest for trustworthy bearded dragon breeders ends here. Our guide details the top three breeders of 2024, ensuring you can choose a healthy, well-bred pet with confidence.

We cover everything from selecting the right breeder to preparing for your new reptile’s arrival. Consult a veterinarian for health checks and dietary advice to ensure your bearded dragon thrives.

Remember to consider your budget and the specific traits you desire in your pet. Trust our recommended breeders to find the perfect bearded dragon for your home.

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