Cat Throwing Up Food But Acting Normal

Has your cat ever thrown up the food that you have given it to eat? Do you find it strange or suspicious because your cat is otherwise healthy but still isn’t able to digest the food?

Situations like this leave you wondering what is wrong with your cat, isn’t it?

Well, we can help you in this case because we have studied this behavior of cats. So, brace yourself to understand things on cat throwing up food but acting normal.

Reasons Behind Cat Throwing Up

If you are concerned about Why is my cat throwing up, even when it is completely healthy then the reason behind this action can be:


Choking can happen for multiple reasons:

  • When cats eat too much food or
  • when they eat their food too fast because for any reason,

And further, they often end up throwing up their food.

Quality Of Food

If the cat throwing up undigested food but acting normal then you must also check the quality of the food. It is important to check if any foreign ingredient like a pebble or a rubber band accidentally got mixed up with their food.

Random Tantrums

If you observe that your kitten throwing up food but acting normal it could be a matter of preference. Often when a cat throws up after eating, they either don’t like the taste of the food or they have eaten something in it that tastes different or off.

Just like us, cats also have taste preferences, if they are throwing up but are acting up all normal, maybe they are given something they don’t like their throwing up the food is just a tantrum.

Loss of appetite

An upset stomach can also be a potential reason behind your cat’s condition. if your cat is unable to digest food and has bloating or a heavy stomach already, the chances of throwing up food increase. As a result, the cat even starts denying the food it likes.

With all the reasons above mentioned, it is essential to identify the factor other than their health, that is making them throw up to help them get back on their healthy eating habits.

Besides, if your Cat not eating much but acting normal, the reasons can be different!

Reasons Behind Change In Kitty’s Intake Pattern

We discussed above how there can be some problem with the food if your cat isn’t eating it. Since we discussed how a healthy-looking cat should not throw up without any reason, what we didn’t discuss is that there are chances of your cat going through something mentally.

Yes! Even animals can have:

  • stress
  • Anxiety
  • And depression-like mental disease just like humans

Sometimes cats go through a period of stress and this stress makes them not want to eat food. If your cat looks uninterested in most of the things that it used to like, then there are high chance that the cat has stress or depression.

And if the owner is unaware of this and treats them like they regularly do, the cats are not left with anything other than throwing up the food they don’t feel like eating.

Also, only a vet can verify things for you and your cat and provide you with a detailed treatment. So, you must visit a vet ASAP if you see signs of mental illness in your cat.

But, apart from stress, when exactly you should worry about a cat’s situation and get medical help to treat it? Let’s find out.

Worrisome Vomiting Concerns

Post checking all the factors like food quality and serving them exactly what they like, vomiting can be concerning. and while you must be wondering when should I consult a pet doctor in case my cat throwing up food but acting normal, here’s the answer to these questions.

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Vomiting In Cats And When To Worry

1. Vomiting is concerning when your cat throws up more than 3 times in a single day. if the cat is unable to keep the food down, this might result in diarrhea so you must get medical help for your cat and get it tested to avoid further complications in its health.

2. You must worry if there’s blood in the cat’s puke. this blood can be the result of inflammation in the stomach, internal bleeding due to some infection, the presence of roundworms in the intestine, etc and this is concerning. So, visiting a vet becomes a must.

3. If the cat’s puke was brown, smelly, and had undigested food in it. This is a sign that the cat was not able to digest food for the past few days. And now it cannot even keep the food down which results in constant puking. The constant puking can increase the level of weakness, nausea, and fatigue in your cat so take her to the vet and get her the required medication.

4. If you are sure this isn’t just a random or regular tantrum of your cat and they might have developed appetite issues then you must seek the help of your vet.

5. If your cat looks healthy but doesn’t feel itself lately, this is a sign of a stressed or depressed cat. In this case, you must visit a vet and get your cat tested.

6. In any other case when you are sure the food was good enough to eat but there’s something with your cat that’s wrong but you cannot figure it out. In this case, too, you must visit the vet to know your cat’s health status.

And now, it’s time for treatments to know more about what to do when the cat starts throwing up food.

There are some home remedies and prevention too against this out-of-the-blue vomiting condition of cats and we have mentioned them all below. Have a look!

The Cat Protectors

All cat lovers are naturally cat protectors and since we belong to this category too, we must help you to overcome the cat throwing up food but acting in a normal situation.

And so, we have got some home remedies to cure the cat of vomiting.

Home Remedies To Cure Cat From Vomiting

1. Keep your cat on a water diet for at least 2 to 3 hours and see if that makes a difference.

2. When the time is up, provide them with a very small amount of food they love the most and notice their reaction carefully. This will help you in understanding the problem. Also, make sure the food is clean and presentable to lure them.

3. If this technique works and they don’t throw up this time, keep repeating this method every 2 hours with small amounts of food until you see them getting better again.

4. After following this routine for at least a day, you can resume your regular eating schedule with your cat from the very next day.

Now, let’s talk about some treatments and prevention in this case.

How To Prevent Vomiting In Cats?

Some of the preventive measures or treatments that you can give to your sick cat are:

Home Remedies To Cure Cat From Vomiting

1. An anti-vomiting medicine prescribed by the vet. If you haven’t visited the vet yet, you can still ask them on the phone to prescribe a pill that will help the cat in this situation.

2. Keep your cat on a fluid diet. This will wash away all the toxins from your cat’s stomach and will clear its stomach of everything that is causing the cat to vomit. Follow the fluid diet until your cat is ready to eat solid food.

3. Change in diet. Sometimes changes in diet force the cats to eat the food which results in a positive reaction. If the food is rich in fiber, it will clean all the undigested food from your cat’s system, making sure your cat doesn’t puke again.

4. Discuss their daily routine, diet, and medicines with the vet and make changes that will not only help them heal but are also good enough to continue even after that.

Done with all the preventive measures, now let’s head towards the FAQ section.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Why is my cat throwing up her food every day?

The reason behind this happening every day is your cat eating too much. When animals or humans eat food more than their digesting capacity, they often throw up after a while. The same is happening with your cat.

To prevent it, you can start giving your cat less amount of food.

2. What are the symptoms of diarrhea in cats?

The symptoms of diarrhea in cats are almost the same as in humans apart from a few of them. These signs are:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Weakness and tiredness
  • Worms and blood in the stool
  • Nausea or vomiting right after eating anything
  • My kitten has diarrhea but acts normal. what should I do?

This is because they have eaten something wrong and diarrhea hasn’t reached its peak yet. You must wait a day or two before consulting a vet in this case.

This is because sometimes upset stomachs that cause diarrhea recover themselves and the kitten gets well soon enough. But if there’s either no improvement on the next day or the diarrhea is slowly getting worse, you better seek a vet and get your kitten tested without wasting any more time.

4. How do you know if your cat has a blockage?

When a cat has a blockage, it gives away one or more signs as a hint. here are many signs that give away the hint of urinary blockage in cats:

  • Vomiting
  • Loss of appetite
  • Crying
  • Uneasiness and unwillingness to lie down or rest
  • Cold body temperature
  • Weakness
  • Lethargy
  • Abdominal pain or swelling
  • No desire to eat

And that’s how you treat and fix a cat that is throwing up her food.

To Sum Up

While cats are a strong species and often have stubborn personalities, they fall ill too. And even when cats throw up food but act normal, we must not consider it their tantrum. They can be seriously ill and in need of your utmost attention.

For more details, check out this space regularly.

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