can dogs eat oreos

Oreos & Dogs: Know Before You Feed Oreos To Your Dog

The simple and strict answer to can dogs eat Oreos is no, we should not eat Oreos. Oreos are very unhealthy snacks for us humans. So why would anyone feed something as unhealthy as Oreos to their beloved pets? Many people ask are Oreos bad for dogs? Well, yes. You should maintain a safe distance between your dog and Oreos. Read on to know more.

Why Is Oreo Bad For Your Dogs?

Oreo is one of the most consumed snacks. It is two biscuits sandwiched with cream in the middle. Oreos contain a lot of harmful ingredients and can cause short-term and long-term health complications for your dogs if consumed on a regular basis. Can dogs eat the cream in Oreos? We will discuss this in this article. Keep reading.

can dogs eat oreos
Can Oreos kill a dog?

Oreos contain baking chocolate, cocoa powder, refined sugar, palm oil, canola oil, high fructose corn syrup, flour etc. Dogs are usually very delicate with their diet change. You should be extra careful about what you are feeding your dog even if that means treats in between meals.

You should be mindful of what type of cookies can dogs eat. Let’s talk about the ingredients found in Oreos and try to answer can dogs eat Oreos.

Dangerous Side Effects Of Baking Chocolate

Baking chocolate is one of the elements found in Oreos. Chocolates are very dangerous for dogs even in small quantities. Watch for trembling and seizure effects if your dog has consumed Oreos or chocolates.

What do I do if my dog eats Oreos? Consult with your veterinarian immediately. If you want to give your dog treats then ask your veterinarian what type of cookies the can dog eat. Your vet is the best source to consult with about your pup’s diet plan as they already have a history of your pet.

Palm Oil As A Dangerous Ingredient

Other life-threatening element present in Oreos is palm oil and canola oil. These oils are used in an excessive amount in making Oreos and are bad for us humans. The digestive system of dogs is much more sensitive than ours. Palm oil and canola oil can make your dog very sick and is one of the sources of diabetes and fatty liver disease.

You must be wondering what happens if dog eats Oreos? Well, palm oil can cause inflammation of the pancreas which is known as pancreatitis. The laxative effect can cause diarrhoea in your dogs. The diarrhoea then causes weakness.

You should ask your veterinarian about what type of cookies a can dog eat in advance to avoid any potential harm to your dogs.

Cocoa powder: Its impact on dogs

Another risky component in Oreo is cocoa powder. So exactly how much cocoa is in Oreos? It is very high. Believe it or not, cocoa is as harmful as chocolates to dogs. It can give rise to chocolate toxicity in your dog.

Can Oreos kill a dog? It depends on the quantity of Oreos consumed and the size of the dog. Always check how much cocoa is in Oreos because once in a while you can give one Oreo to your dog as a treat but remember, not always. Only once in a while.

Artificial Sweeteners: A Threat To Dogs

Refined sugar used in Oreos is a substitute for sugars. Refined sugars work as a sweetener that requires less than traditional sugar but is very unhealthy. Refined sugar is used in an excessive amount in Oreos. It can give rise to obesity, diabetes which can, later on, become a fatal source of heart disease.

High fructose corn syrup is used as an artificial sweetener in Oreos. High consumption of fructose corn syrup can increase the possibility of obesity and diabetes.

Oreos Are Bad Choice For Your Dog

There is no yes or no type answer to the question of whether can Oreos kill a dog. It depends on the size of your dog and how much it has eaten. If your dog is small-sized and weighs less but has eaten an entire Oreo package then it is of grave concern.

Whereas if your dog is big and weighs more and has eaten only one or two Oreos then it is not that much of a concern.

Can Dogs Eat Oreos?

It is recommended to not give Oreos to your dog despite its size and weight and if it has mistakenly eaten Oreos then immediately consult with your veterinarian. Even if it is not life-threatening to your pup it is recommended to have a visit to the veterinarian.

This incident can get documented in your furry friend’s case file for future consideration. Read further to know How many Oreos does a dog have to eat to die?

How Much Oreos Is Too Much?

The question of can your dog get sick if she ate 3 Oreos depends on the quantity and the size of your dog. Many people ask how many Oreos does a dog have to eat to die? It does not necessarily mean that your dog will die if it eats Oreos.

It can have some short-term and long-term health issues that may or may not be curable but can be prevented through medication and a healthy lifestyle.

Oreo: A Life-Threatening Snack For Dogs

Many might still be wondering, are Oreos bad for dogs? As said earlier in this article, it depends on the amount of Oreos consumed by your dog and its size and metabolism. As dog’s age, their metabolism starts to reduce. Can dogs eat Oreos as they age?

Well, no. It will bring more health complications. Can your dogs get sick if she ate 3 Oreos? If the size of your dog is small then it can get severely sick.

Health Complications Of Dogs After Eating Oreos

Even if you try to keep Oreos away from your dogs they may steal some from the table or pantry. In this situation, people who love their dogs start to panic and ask what do I do if my dog eats Oreos? First of all, calm down and see if your dog can eat or drink.

Look out if it is panting, having seizures or shaking. If there persists an increased heart rate, abdominal swelling, stomach ache or failed attempt to vomit then go to the veterinarian. These are some common signs to look for while asking oneself what happens if a dog eats Oreos.

Different Flavoured Oreos For Dogs

Some common queries people make regarding different flavours of Oreos. Can dogs eat vanilla Oreos? No, even if there is no chocolate it still is unsafe to feed your dog.

Can dogs eat red velvet Oreos? Palm oil, corn syrup and other ingredients are not safe for your dog.

Can dogs eat pumpkin Oreos? The pumpkin might sound like a healthy substitute but there is hardly any real pumpkin in the Oreos. Avoid giving it to your dogs.

Can dogs eat golden Oreos? The vanilla-flavoured Oreos are just another name for golden Oreos. It is not a healthy choice for your dog’s diet. Do not feed it to them. Many people also wonder can I give my dog a vanilla Oreo. If it is only one Oreo and only once in a while, you can give it to your dog but try avoiding it as much as possible.

Some people mistakenly give the creme to their dogs without asking if can dogs eat the cream in Oreos. The creme is made of ingredients that have no nutritional value and only cause harm to your pet. Do not let your dog eat the cream.

Oreo Ice Cream: Can Dogs Eat Oreo Ice Cream?

There are so many Oreo ice creams available in the market. But one must ask, can dogs eat Oreo ice cream? The answer is no. Ice cream contains milk and dogs get an upset stomach with dairy products. The Oreo in the Oreo ice cream might seem like a small quantity but it is still advisable to refrain from feeding this to your dogs.

You must think before asking yourself if can dogs eat Oreo ice cream because it is not a smart choice for your dogs.


In conclusion, we can come to terms with the question: can dogs eat Oreos? The answer is no, they should not as there are a lot of risks involved. To all these questions: Can dogs eat golden Oreos? Can I give my dog a vanilla Oreo? Can dogs eat pumpkin Oreos? Can dogs eat red velvet Oreos? Can dogs eat vanilla Oreos?

The answer is no. Oreos contain an awful amount of unhealthy ingredients that can make your dog sick and they can even die. Avoid Oreos at all costs if possible.

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